Farmer's Market in Prague

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Date: 12 January 2019

Farmer's Market in Prague - markets, farmers and their products, events, festivals and workshops for children.

This Saturday, Gardenista will come, so you can buy beautiful wreaths to put on your table or your door. You can buy these products at Flowers Bystrá or at Bullerbyn Décor. Your weekly shop can start at Trněný Újezd, where you can choose from beef, pork and chicken in bio quality or at Kojetín Farm, where they have young beef and chicken or at Farm Rudolec who will be there with their matured beef or venison. Continue reading →
There will be a traditional farmer’s market combined with the best from African farmers from Uganda at Heřmaňák this Satuday. There will be jackfruit, avocadoes, mangos, passionflower, papayas, pineapples, different types of bananas, red dragon fruit, durians, sugarcane, cassava root, taro root, sun-dried fruit, nuts, vanilla, spices from Zanzibar, cocoa pods and other specialties. Continue reading →
Advent is here, so there will be many opportunities to buy Christmas things at Náplavka. Only this Saturday, Ledkov farmstead will come with their delicious honey and advent wreaths. You can buy delicious eggnog, stuffed buns, cream rolls or strudel as a gift or just to have during your weekend. Continue reading →
Hanys – luxury pickled olives and virgin oils (you can get these into your own containers) and Goat Farm Dřeveč with goat Gouda, Camembert-type and cheddar cheeses. And at the last (but not least) Lucky Brownies – chocolate brownies from dark or white Belgian chocolate. Classic, peanut, strawberry, lemonies, blondies, chili or raspberry (vegan) brownies. Continue reading →
The second advent Saturday at Náplavka will be filled with the smell of vanilla, cinnamon and star anise that you can buy at Ceylon spices. You can have hot masala tea and soak in the Christmas atmosphere. Continue reading →
On Saturday, December 15, there will be a new hit – Eco farm Vlkaneč with syrups from ecologically grown herbs (to help with coughing, colds, bronchitis, or to build immunity), dried herbs, herbal tea, mustard, pumpkin chutney, ketchups and apple juice from the garden Continue reading →
Cakeshop Kochánky will bring Christmas cookies – come and get vanilla rolls, linecké (two cookies sandwiched together with jam inbetween), kokosky (coconut cookies) and more! Eco farm Čapí letka will come for the last time this year with their great cheeses, yoghurts and natural, hand-made cosmetics. Continue reading →
This year, you can look forward to two more markets – December 22 and December 29. This Saturday, you can buy fish, vegetables to make potato salad, sweet braided bread and Christmas cookies. If you want something less traditional, you can buy oysters or mango from Virunga – and you can buy some exotic fruit as a gift as well! If you want some more edible gifts, you can buy hand-decorated gingerbread from Perníčkův sen, great honey from Mr. Rosický or from Hrádecký med, that will also bring mead (heated into cups to drink on the spot or in a bottle to take home) and lip balms. Continue reading →
Farm Biovavřinec will bring milk, yoghurt and cheeses in bio quality. This will be the last market of 2018. We will see you in 2019 on January 12. Be sure to check our website and facebook page in case it is freezing in January. If there are any changes, we will let you know! Continue reading →
Come and say goodbye to 2018 at Náplavka! You can buy Czech or French wine for a toast, try some oysters, herbal bratwurst, try burek or octopus goulash. You can also buy vegetables to stock up for the break that the market at Náplavka is going to have during January. Continue reading →
On Saturday, January 12, you will find a fire at Heřmaňák, where you can borrow sticks to roast the sausages that you bought from Butcher’s Loužecký. Continue reading →
If it won’t be freezing, Cukrárna U Andělky will come, as well as ChocoElDorado with chocolate and cocoa from Ecuador. Every Saturday in January, there will be Krishna’s Farmstead (flour in bioquality, milled in a rock mill), goat farm Krasolesí with their French-type cheeses and much more! Continue reading →


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