Farmer's Market in Prague

Food and drink
Date: 05 September 2020

Farmer's Market in Prague - markets, farmers and their products, events, festivals and workshops for children.

There is plenty to choose from – cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, garlic, pumpkin, red beetroot, summer apples, different types of plums, raspberries, blueberries. Continue reading →
There will be plenty of cucumbers, pumpkins, potatoes, lettuce, turkey, matured beef from Meat farm Lažiště, and beer from Hák’s steam brewery. As well organic milk and homemade cream cheese from biofarm Zedníček. Continue reading →
Traditional meat products, squash, pumpkins, summer apples, plums, rye bread, baked goods, sea buckthorn, creamics Continue reading →
It’s autumn, so Farm Trněný Újezd, chicken Pracejovice and ceramics U Kočků are back! This means you will be able to buy fresh chicken (sold at Farm Kojetín’s stand as well), or bio meat from Trněný Újezd. Continue reading →
Matured beef, turkey, chicken, organic milk, all kinds of vegetables, summer apples, and beautiful flowers… Continue reading →
To improve your culinary skills, you can buy late summer produce, matured beef, and turkey from farm Brniště. Continue reading →
All of the late summer produce is here, like pumpkins, zucchini, root vegetables, as well as the last lettuce, herbs, leek and radishes. If you don’t have time to go mushroom picking in the forest, you can buy mushrooms at the market. Continue reading →
Do not forget to get eggs from Vysočina, chicken from Kobylnice Farmstead, or a bouquet from Lesem. Continue reading →
Fresh apple juice DRYKK, atelier Peedle Needle, soap from Roztomýdlo and all of our farmers Continue reading →
This Saturday, the market will not be at Náplavka, but you can still buy things at a smaller market at Palackého square. You can buy all of the basics, like fruits, vegetables, baked goods, cheeses, great bratwurst, eggs, but even sweet treats like cream rolls or stuffed buns. You can also get mushrooms, honey, or get some toasted bread with pesto for lunch! Continue reading →
As well as orange pumpkins, autumn vegetables, summer apples, slower-growing chickens, matured beef, bio milk, eggs, pierogies, lokshe, rye bread... Continue reading →
Rye Borodinsky bread, homemade baked goods, chili pepper plants, ceramic pickling jars... Continue reading →


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