3 Breathtakingly Beautiful Places Near Prague - 3 Best Day Trips Near Prague

Are you looking for some inspiration on where to see the best scenic views around Prague? Where are the ultimate, absolutely unmissable viewpoints on nature walks close to Prague? There is a wealth of beautiful places, including castles, forests, hills, river valleys, deep, beautiful lakes and quarries. If you are looking for breathtaking views and captivating scenic panoramas, the natural wonders mentioned in this article will not leave you disappointed.

Viewpoint Máj
The iconic lookout point Maj is a must-see for anyone looking to take a day trip from Prague. It is a perfect spot to remember just how glorious the nature can be. Only a 45 minute drive from Prague, this hidden gem is located near Teletín in the Central Bohemian region. The parking lot “Vyhlídka Máj” is a convenient starting point. A yellow tourist sign and approximately 1,5 km long path along sweeping fields and bountiful forests will take you to the viewpoint Maj overlooking the Vltava river. Views of the waterway are truly impressive and uplifting.
Máj is hugely popular and it sometimes gets crowded. But if you want to enjoy the spectacular beauty of the Vltava meanders alone and away from the crowds, take a woodland route that leads to the Viewpoints “Mařenka” and “Myšák”. The vantage point Myšák is a real oasis of beauty and calm, where you can enjoy in peace this area of outstanding natural beauty.

Cinibulkova stezka (the best of Kokořín region) and Kokořín Castle
It is hard to find a better place than “Cinibulkova stezka” if you want to escape from Prague to the countryside and revel in its fresh air and unique scenic views. Renowned for its untamed beauty, Kokořínsko region boasts distinctive character, history and rich cultural heritage. Discover a landscape of enchanting forests, magnificent rock formations and peaks offering a labyrinth of walking and educational trails, and an abundance of recreational and leisure activities. You can start your walk along Cinibulkova trail at Mšeno (parking lot, Jezerní 373) and pass by the Natural Theatre Romanov, a Rock City Labyrinth, a remarkably shaped sandstone formations Giant's head and a Frog or a popular vantage point called "Vyhlídka na Housecké vrchy" where you can admire unparalleled views. "Mšenské pokličky", a precious geological formation and "Obraznice", a small artificial cave, also called the Cave of Marie Magdalene, should not be missed. Yellow and green tourist sings will lead you to the major natural attractions. A 14th century Castle Kokořín or the Devil's Heads, a 9 metre high monumental rock sculptures near Želízy, are also worth a visit.

Quarries and Karlštejn Castle
A partly flooded limestone quarries Velká a Malá Amerika (Great and Small America) are situated near Mořina village in the Central Bohemian Region. A 6 km long walk starts at a parking lot near the bus stop of no.  311 called Mořina. A yellow tourist sign will take you from the Quarry Great America and Quarry Mexico and then to the Quarry Small America. Some quarries are more accessible than others, but all of them provide astonishing views and unique memories that will last for long. Some parts of the route are quite challenging and are not suitable for prams. Karštejn Castle, a large Gothic castle founded in 1348 by Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor, can be reached from Quarry Small America in about an hour´s time. The natural beauty of these attractions have been drawing crowds for long . Yet, it is a perfect place to enjoy exceptional scenic views and discover the delights of nature surrounded by greenery.

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