All-day Breakfast and Brunch in Prague 1

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  01 January 2023 08:00 - 27 January 2025 21:00

  The Spot

All-day breakfast and brunch in The Spot restaurant

Are you looking for the best places to have an all-day breakfast in Prague 1? The Spot is exceptional in its wide range of breakfasts, which are served all day long.

Come and enjoy different variations of savoury and sweet breakfasts that will satisfy your taste buds.

Breakfast Menu:

Shakshuka with feta cheese / chorizo - Fried eggsin spiced tomato and bell pepper sauce 185,-

French toast with fruits - served with maple sirup and cream 169,-

Rye bread with avocado spread and halloumi - rye bread with avocado spread, grilled halloumi cheese and caramelized tomatoes 175,-

Croque madame - baked breakfast toast with cheese gruyère, Prague ham and fried egg 175,-

Breakfast croissant - croissant filled with bacon, avocado spread, scrambled eggs and caramelized tomatoes 155,-

English breakfast fried eggs, sausage, bacon, beans, salad 185,-

Cinnamon oat meal - gluten free cinnamon spiced oat meal with almond milk, homemade granola and fruits 165,-

Spinach crepes with avocado salad, feta cheese and poached egg 175,-

Scrambled eggs - Served with mixed vegetable salad and pastry 145,-

Scrambled eggs with Prague ham - Served with mixed vegetable salad and pastry 155,-

Omelette with bacon - Served with mixed vegetable salad and pastry 165,-

Fried eggs with bacon - Served with mixed vegetable salad and pastry 155,-

Turkish eggs - poached eggs, yougurt herbal dip, buttery spice sauce and pastry 165,-

Acai bowl / Pitaya bowl / Mango bowl - Mixed fruit with banana served with gluten-free homemade granola, chia seeds and coconut chips 165,-

Rye bread with gravlax and poached eggs 185,-


Dlouhá 13, Praha 1




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  • From 01 January 2023 08:00 to 27 January 2025 21:00