Dresses that Dance at Dancing House Gallery

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  10 November 2023 09:00 - 25 February 2024 19:00

  Dancing House Gallery

Come and admire the beauty of costumes, their materials and cuts from the best Czech designers!

We have prepared for you original costumes from the Czech television dance competition.

Glittering, elegant and elaborated to the last detail - these are the dance costumes of one of the most popular television competitions. This time they will not shine on the dance floor, but in the Dancing House Gallery at the exhibition called "Dresses that Dance". The exhibition shows the work of the best Czech designers, the creation of costumes as well as their designs and development. The exhibition, which will last from November 10 to February 25 next year, will offer over sixty clothes of famous performers of popular Czech television dance competitions, such as Dana Batulková, Marie Doležalová or Ondřej Brzobohatý, or presenters Tereza Kostková and Marek Eben, on two floors of the building, and many other evening gowns.

Creating clothes for dancers is a real challenge in the entire fashion industry. The dress must meet a number of often conflicting requirements. They should highlight the natural charm and personality of their wearer and at the same time resonate with the style and spirit of the music to which the couples dance. Be modern and timeless. Subtle and robust. To underline the curves of the figure and at the same time give the dancers freedom in their often extreme movement. In addition to dance dresses, haute couture evening gowns, which rank at the highest level of world tailoring, are shown at the Dance Dresses exhibition.

Designers Klára Nademlýnská, Taťána Kovaříková, Hana Hill Kopecká and others have already accomplished this difficult task when they created costumes for a popular Czech television dance competition. Originals from their workshop were lent to the exhibition by the Czech Television costume studio, and some of the unique evening gowns are from private collections.

The exhibition offers, among other things, suggestions for costume cuts, photos from the competition and gives an insight into the preparations for the evening make-up, combing, dressing up to the sparkling atmosphere before the live broadcast. The gallery also thought of small admirers and prepared several interactive games for them.


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  • From 10 November 2023 09:00 to 25 February 2024 19:00