Walpurgis“The night of the witches” or “Saints Philip and James Night” is a very old pagan feast, which developed into a popular folk custom. The celebrations of incipient spring, fertility of the earth, rebirth and cleansing fire rituals are hold during the night from April 30 to May 1. Bonfire is an important part of the tradition as the fire was believed to protect against evil forces and illnesses. Even today people gather, lit bonfires and celebrate. Erected in small towns and villages, maypoles, a maple or birch tree decorated with ribbons and spring flowers are traditional symbols of the awakening of nature, abundance and new life.

An overview of events and activities on April 30 in Prague is extensive. The night of the witches in Žluté láně and Walpurgis night in Ladronka are two widely-attended gatherings. These events are free of charge and children and adults can enjoy dance and music performances, magic tricks, a face-painting, petting zoos or fireworks. Children and youth houses and some municipal districts organize witches´ gatherings for kids with fun competitions and engaging programs. Explore our “What´s on section” for a list of events on Walpurgis night in Prague.

Prague Easter
Prague offers a wide variety of things to do during Easter including markets, cruises, fairs and church services. Easter markets run from mid March to the Easter Monday and feature beautifully decorated stalls, traditional goods, live shows and petting zoos for kids. Easter holiday provides the perfect opportunity to participate in various family-friendly events and activities such as arts and crafts workshops, exhibitions and theatre performances. The Prague zoo, Botanic garden, museums and galleries offer special program with competitions and entertainment. Children can decorate eggs, make their own Easter buns, lambs, chicks or whips. Amazing brunches and traditional Easter menus are available in most restaurants in Prague 1. Celebrate Good Friday and Easter Sunday at one of these top restaurants in Prague. See what´s on in Prague over the Easter weekend!

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Being the biggest Easter market in Prague, the Old Town square market with folk music, live craft demonstrations and art workshops for children is a number one event of the Easter weekend. The market offers various culinary treats and traditional Easter goods including hand painted eggs, whips, spring flowers, embroidered cloths or wooden toys. Kids can enjoy fun and creative activities such as painting eggs and production of traditional decorations, chicks or flower pots. During Easter season, Old Town square features a live petting  zoo with sheep, goats, rabbits and ponies. Easter markets also take place on Wenceslas square, Peace square, Republic square and at Anděl, in front of the metro station. Experience a wonderful festive atmosphere with a wide choice of concerts, shows and live performances!
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