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Prague Culture

Culture in Prague: discover Prague´s flourishing arts and cultural scene!
The city boasts a wide array of cultural options and numerous concert halls, theatres, cinemas, galleries, museums or  alternative venues. Praguest is dedicated to providing comprehensive and current information on…
Culture in Prague: discover Prague´s flourishing arts and cultural scene!
The city boasts a wide array of cultural options and numerous concert halls, theatres, cinemas, galleries, museums or  alternative venues. Praguest is dedicated to providing comprehensive and current information on cultural life of this vibrant city and to fostering innovation and creativity. The site presents Prague´s best venues for opera, ballet, dance, classical music, drama, art...
It includes current  information about internationally renowned festivals, world-class art galleries and their exhibitions, original opera, drama and ballet performances. Find diverse artistic and cultural events across wide range of areas and enjoy all that Prague arts have to offer.




 Praha 1

Museum Montanelli

 Praha 1
Museum Montanelli is one of only few private-owned Czech non-profit organizations focusing on contemporary visual art. More Info

Museum Kampa

 Praha 1
Museum Kampa is a museum of modern art, located in the historical center of Prague. More Info

Dancing House Gallery

 Praha 2
The Dancing House Gallery is dedicated to providing the public with opportunities to learn about arts, design and culture through varied exhibitions and educational public programmes. More Info

Museum of Comunism

 Praha 1
Communism and freedom. The exhibition explores the complex story of communism and freedom in Czechoslovakia from February 1948 to the Velvet Revolution in 1989. More Info

Fok - The Prague Symphony Orchestra

 Praha 1
Official orchestra of the City of Prague, it is based and performs in the attractive space of the Smetana Hall of the Municipal House. More Info

Collegium 1704

 Praha 2
Collegium 1704 presents famous orchestral and choral works by well-known composers as well as long-forgotten and now rediscovered treasures of the baroque repertoire. More Info

Magic Fountain

 Praha 7
The original Czech performance, Magic Fountain, combines contemporary dance, acrobatics and a new circus with fire and state-of-the-art multimedia technology. More Info

Bedřich Smetana Museum

 Praha 1
The Bedřich Smetana Museum is situated in close proximity to the Charles Bridge, on a site with an extraordinary view across the Vltava River to the panorama of the Prague Castle. More Info

Czech Museum of Music

 Praha 1
The new seat of the Czech Museum of Music is located in the former Baroque church of St. Mary Magdalene at Lesser Side, built in the 17th Century according to the proposal of Francesco Caratti. More Info

Antonín Dvořák Museum

 Praha 2
Since its foundation in 1932, the Antonín Dvořák Museum has resided at the Baroque villa “America” in Prague’s New Town. More Info

Museum Complex of the National Museum

 Praha 1
The unique museum complex of the National Museum forms the dominant feature of Wenceslas Square in the centre of Prague. A unique connection of the old with the new, history and present, decorative elements and brutalist austerity. More Info

Ethnographic Museum of the National Museum

 Praha 5
Kinsky Folly, located in romantical Kinsky Garden between Prague quarters of Lesser Town and Smíchov, was built between 1827-1831 by architect Heinrich Koch in the Empire style. More Info

Náprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures

 Praha 1
In 1826 the Fingerhuts bought the old Prague building U Halánků with a brewery and distillery, which within a matter of years their older son Vojtěch was to make famous literally throughout the whole world. More Info

RockOpera Prague

 Praha 7
RockOpera is most likely the only theatre in Prague where you are allowed to wear jeans and drink beer... More Info

The National Memorial on Vítkov Hill

 Praha 3
Under the name National Liberation Memorial, the memorial was built in the years 1928–1938 in honour of the Czechoslovak legionaries; it was re-built and extended after the end of the WW2 in order to commemorate the second – anti-Nazi resistance. More Info


 Praha 1
Rudolfinum (1884) is a concert hall and an art gallery, which is located on the right bank of the Vltava river, at Jan Palach Square. This beautiful neo-renaissance building was designed by architect Josef Zítek and his student Josef Schulz. More Info

Kino Aero

 Praha 3
Aero cinema prides itself on being an independent venue, screening first-rate alternative, contemporary and experimental films. One won´t find many mainstream Hollywood movies topping the charts of the box offices. More Info

Kino Mat

 Praha 2
Set in the heart of the New Town, on the Charles square, Kino Mat features a restaurant, a café, a DVD rental shop, and a small auditorium with modern cinema technology. More Info

Kino Atlas

 Praha 8
This well-designed art house cinema is situated in a district of New Town, Florenc, very close to all public transport options. The cinema features a space for exhibitions and conferences, a café Atlas and 2 auditoriums with modern cinema technology. More Info

Bio Oko

 Praha 7
Located in Holešovice quarter, an intimate art-house cinema Bio Oko introduces a wide range of eclectic contemporary, past independent and foreign films. More Info

Kino Evald

 Praha 1
Cinema Evald, named after an important Czech film and theater director Evald Shorm, is situated in the very centre, near the Wenceslas square. More Info

Cross club

 Praha 7
If you look for something a little different from a night out in Prague, Cross club is a very special venue that makes nightlife in Prague truly unique. More Info

Lucerna cinema

 Praha 1
Centrally located in the Lucerna passage, cinema Lucerna is a gorgeous historical cinema with a glamorous auditorium with features of Art-nouveau and neo Renaissance architecture. More Info

Ponec theatre

 Praha 3
Dance theatre Ponec, located in a unique building in Prague 3, focuses on the presentation and development of contemporary dance and movement. More Info

Kino Ponrepo

 Praha 1
Located in the very centre, in a historically important refectory Bio Konvikt, the cinema specializes in screening challenging and diverse art house, vintage and experimental films. More Info

Kino Světozor

 Praha 1
Located only few meters from the Wenceslas square, the cinema Světozor features 2 auditoriums, a Hip bar with WIFI connection, a space for private events and exhibitions, and a shop with clothes, DVDs, posters etc... More Info


 Praha 5
Located close to metro station, CineStar cinemas screens a selection of the mainstream international, Czech, and art house films. Advanced sound technology Dolby Digital and screenings of 3D movies are available in both Prague locations. More Info

Cinema City

 Praha 3
Cinema City multiplex cinemas are all equipped with many screens (digital screens or 3d projections) showing different movies, a powerful surround sound system and a lobby snack bars. Most films are available in their original language. More Info

The New Stage (Nová scéna)

 Praha 1
The New Stage of the National Theatre is located on Národní street, in an unique ice-cube shaped building. More Info

Laterna Magika

 Praha 1
Laterna Magika, the first multimedia theatre in the world dates back to 1958 when it presented its first performance at the Expo 58, a world exhibition in Brussels. More Info

Švandovo Theatre

 Praha 5
Švandovo theatre is located in Smíchov district, Prague 5. The theatre is defined as a “modern European cultural centre of living arts”. It features 2 auditoriums, a professional recording studio, 2 rehearsal rooms, a café and a souvenir shop. More Info

Činoherní Klub

 Praha 1
Činoherní klub is located very close to Wenceslas square, in Ve Smečkách street. In 50 years of theatre's existence, there has been long tradition of performances addressing contemporary issues. More Info

Alfred ve Dvoře

 Praha 7
Alfred ve Dvoře theatre, located in Prague 7, is a Prague stage for the new theatre, which presents and celebrates an unconventional artistic vision, bold experiments and progressive unique projects and styles. More Info


 Praha 7
Exhibitions of the world’s leading artists are presented in a unique multifunctional space with a total area of 6.000 m2, which ranks among the most remarkable architectural projects of the last ten years. More Info


 Praha 5
MeetFactory was founded in 2001 by David Černý. The purpose of this organisation is to support and develop contemporary art and culture and to make it accessible to the public. More Info

La Fabrika

 Praha 7
La Fabrika, an alternative multi-purpose cultural space, is located in a few factory buildings in Holešovice, Prague 7. The programme involves very interesting theatre performances, concerts, movie projections and exhibitions. More Info

Experimental Space NoD

 Praha 1
An experimental venue NoD Roxy is located a few hundred meters from the Old Town Square, in Dlouhá street, right above a very popular music club Roxy. More Info

Duncan centre

 Praha 4
A Theater Duncan Centre, a modern theatre hall, is located on grounds of the Prague conservatory Duncan Centre, in Prague 4. It is an important centre for choreographic and contemporary dance development. More Info

Archa Theatre

 Praha 1
The Archa Theatre belongs to a unique cultural scene in the Czech Republic. Archa Theatre is a dynamic place where artists and companies from around the world can meet and actively cooperate. More Info

The Estates Theatre (Stavovské divadlo)

 Praha 1
The Estates theatre is situated between the Old Town Square and the Wenceslas Square, next to Karolinum, the seat of the Charles university. It offers a high-quality drama, ballet and opera performances. More Info

The National Theatre (Národní divadlo)

 Praha 1
The National Theatre, resides in an impressive neo-renaissance building, situated on the right bank of the Vltava river. It features three artistic ensembles – Drama, Opera and Ballet. More Info

Smetana Hall in the Municipal house

 Praha 1
Smetana Hall, named in honour of Bedřich Smetana (famous Czech composer), is located in the Municipal House, a beautiful Art Nouveau building and a significant civil landmark. More Info

The State Opera (Státní opera)

 Praha 1
The State Opera, located in the very centre, above the Wenceslas Square, was founded in 1888 as the New German Theatre. It was acknowledged as one of the grandest and most beautiful German theatres in Europe. More Info