Prague is exploding with children. Nowhere more, it seems, than in neighbourhood of Karlin. The cafes and restaurants in the area have done a pretty good job of adapting to the influx of tiny patrons. It's become quite common for an establishment to dedicate a corner or even a small room to the under 12 set. Cafes, Italian restaurants, even your more traditional Czech eateries are giving in to the growing demographic of parents with young children. Parents that still want to go for lunch or meet a friend for coffee.

Kralik v radiu Prague
    Let's face it, once they start walking, most kids can't sit quietly and wait for their meal. They need some sort of distraction. Some places make more of an effort than others but they generally have a small table and chairs, some paper, crayons, books and an assortment of toys. Of course many of these cafes and restaurants offer a child menu or at least a few kid friendly items on the regular menu. Králik v rádiu has taken this concept to the next level. You could say, they made a large play area and put a cafe in the corner.  

Kralik v radiu Prague
    Králik v rádiu is a casual cafe, brightly lit, decorated in muted primary colours, some durable tables and chairs and a cement floor that says "you can spill anything on me, it's ok, i'm expecting it." The decor is done with toddlers in mind. There's not much to knock over, scratch, stain or rip but it doesn't feel spars. The overall feel is bright, warm and inviting. There's a corner near the door with lots of space for shoes and bags and a long  row of hooks for jackets. This might be my favourite feature of Králík v rádiu. Even the most child friendly places in Prague don't give you enough space for all the stuff you have to cart around with you when you have children.

   The second of Kralik v radiu's two rooms is about the same size as the seating area and essentially one big play room. It has some tables and chairs, a sofa and of course a wide range of toys.  The play area comes with supervision and organized games, music and art activities that are free of charge. Of course it's well worth to know you don't have to watch them every minute. The price to use the supervised play area starts at 100 CZK per day but depending how many kids and whether or not you eat, the price can go down to less than 38 CZK per hour.  If parents want a few hours of alone time, they can leave their children in the capable hands of local babysitters for 300 CZK per hour. The price scale makes it a popular spot for kid's parties.

Kralik v radiu Prague
   Kralik v radiu offers your standard cafe fare with gluten and lactose free meals. They have cakes, pastries, and coffee but they also prepare a good variety of kid and parent friendly dishes in their small kitchen. They have soups, pasta, salads, omelettes and sandwiches. The food is good, home- made, reasonably priced and as good a reason to go to Kralik v radiu as any I've mentioned so far. I've been to many cafes and restaurants in Prague that fall short of Kralik v radiu based on the food alone but it's their unique approach and their ability to create a parent friendly space that will keep us coming back.

Steve Meyers

  Králík v rádiu logoKrálík v rádiu
Křižíkova 65a (vzadu ve dvoře), Prague 8 Karlín

Opening hours:
Mon - Fri: 9.00 - 21.00
Sat - Sun: 10.00 - 21.00

TEL.: +420 732 428 929

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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