Kino Aero

Biskupcova 31, Praha 3

Aero cinema prides itself on being an independent venue, screening first-rate alternative, contemporary and experimental films. One won´t find many mainstream Hollywood movies topping the charts of the box offices. This unconventional cinema features a screening room for 336 guests, a bar and WIFI connections. It also hosts some films festivals and competitions.
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Dino park

OC Galerie Praha, Českomoravská 15 A, Prague 9
Dino park is located on the roof of the Galerie Harfa shopping mall, next to the O2 Arena. It is a real treat for children, adults and dinosaurs enthusiasts alike. The park features an actual life-size dinosaurs, a children playground with many attractions, a 4D movie theatre, a shop and a refreshment corner. Cinematic displays tells the story of a baby dinosaurs, which remains alone after his mother died under dramatic circumstances.
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Bio Oko

Františka Křížka  460/15, Prague 7
Located in Holešovice quarter, an intimate art-house cinema Bio Oko introduces a wide range of eclectic contemporary, past independent and foreign films. It is a unique independent venue, which has something for everybody. Cinema Bio Oko offers senior citizens the chance to see interesting films for very reasonable prices. Screenings for seniors are held on Thursdays, at 10.00 a.m.
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Ponec theatre

Husitská 24a/899, Prague 3

Dance theatre Ponec, located in a unique building in Prague 3, focuses on the presentation and development of contemporary dance and movement. Ponec theatre stands truly for independence, innovation, and originality. It creates an open environment where collaborative relationships and progressive artistic tendencies flourish.

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Parukářka for kids

Kříže Parukářka, Prague 3

With its tall greenery and diverse activities ranging from cycling and jogging to baseball and table tennis, Parukářka is one of the Prague´s most visited parks. It is a beautiful park set on a hill offering magnificent views of Prague castle, the city centre and the TV Tower. It features three kids´playgrounds, several barbecue / picnic areas, a Pétanque court, a dog´s park and a garden pub, where music can be heard.
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Playground with a mini zoo

Drtinova 1A, Prague 5

A beautiful wooden playground is located very close to Anděl shopping mall and Sacre Coeur park.  The playground includes a climbing frame, a seesaw, spring riders, slides, and several benches. There is a Station of Young Biologists close to the playground.

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Playground Sacre Coeur

Sacre Coeur Park, Holečkova street, Prague 5

A playground is situated in a beautiful park Sacre Coeur. Families with children of varying ages will appreciate this playground, which is suitable for both older children and toddlers. The older ones can enjoy a skateboard ramp, a beam, a funicular, a funicular bridge, or a climbing frame. The toddlers can relish a sandpit, a slide, a seesaw, a play set or swings.
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Playground – Kinsky garden

Náměstí Kinských, Prague 5

A playground is located in front of the Palace of Justice (Justiční palace), at the entrance into the Kinsky garden. Children will enjoy visiting the garden with its huge trees, 2 beautiful lakes, waterfalls, and water stairs. The playground itself is fenced off, clean, and well-maintained. It is equipped with a sandpit, a little house, a climbing wall, a crawl tunnel, a slide, a board, a beam, a climbing frame with towers, swings, spring riders, and a toilet.
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The station of young biologists

Drtinova 1A, Prague 5
The station of young biologists features an English, Alpine, and a botanic garden, greenhouses, an educational path, and an exposition of reptiles, a tropical terrarium with snakes, crocodiles and turtles, a mini zoo with goats, ponies and birds. Visitors can witness how crocodiles or snakes are fed on Wednesday,  at 14.00. Children are allowed to ride ponies, pet rabbits and take care of some animals during some courses or various special events.
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Playground in Letenské sady

Letenské sady, Prague 7

Letná park features a giant metronome, several outdoor and indoor restaurants, refreshment kiosks, plenty of paths for walking or roller-skating, and  2 playgrounds. The bigger playground is located in the middle of the park and includes a climbing frame with a slide, a zip lane, a sandpit, swings, slides and other play elements. The second playground is situated close to a restaurant and has some original coloured animals.
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Playground in Stromovka park

Královská obora 2, Prague 7 - Bubeneč

This is a large and a very popular playground situated away from the roads and noise, inside the biggest city park - Stromovka. The most sought-after attraction is the imitation of tram with two carriages and some musical instruments. The playground is equipped with usual play elements, such as swings, seesaws, slides, a balance beam, a zip line and a variety of climbing frames suitable for children of all ages.
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Playground on the Children´s Island (Dětský ostrov)

Janáčkovo nábřeží, Prague 5

This playground has something for everyone!  It caters for toddlers, pre-school kids or schoolchildren. It is located on the island and thus offers some gorgeous views of the city. Children will enjoy watching boats pass through the canal. Mushroom shower is one of the most popular attractions of the park, especially in summer. The playground also includes swings, slides, sandpits, spring riders, a little house, a water fountain, a climbing frame etc.
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Playground - U Vodárny

Between the streets: Slezká, Kladská, Korunní and U Vodárny, Prague 2

A very popular wooden playground, situated in the residential area of Vinohrady, is large and spread out. Since it is located in the middle of a park full of trees, there is plenty of shade. The playground is perfect for families with children of varying ages since it caters for both toddlers and older kids.

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Playground - Na Výtoni

Na Hrobci and Rašínovo nábřeží, Prague 2

A playground Na Výtoni, located on the bank of the Vltava river, is fenced, permanently guarded, well-equipped and well-kept. It features various metal and wooden play elements including a sandpit, a merry-go-round, swings, seesaws, slides, spring riders, a toilet with a nappy changing table, and a water fountain. Feeding ducks or swans, walking along the river or bird watching will be great experience and fun for all kids.
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Playground - Vyšehrad

Na Vyšehradě – Malá zahrada, Prague 2

This beautiful wooden playground is located inside the Vyšehrad fortess. Vyšehrad is a perfect place for families because of its large green spaces, full-grown trees, lawns, 2 restaurants with a terrace,  2 cafés, an open air pub, a picnic area. There is an amazing kids playground with various slides, swings, seesaws, climbing frames, a little house, a tunnel and a funicular for older kids.
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Playground Folimanka

Folimanka park, Sekaninova street, Prague 2

A playground is located in the Folimanka park, along the Botič river and Nusle bridge. The park features a refreshment kiosk, a sport court, a fountain, water sculptures with bronze statues, a playground for children, a playground for teenagers, and public toilets. It is an ideal place for long walks or various sport activities. The playground is fenced, clean and well-maintained.
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Playground “At the Dragon” - Riegrovy sady

Riegrovy sady, Prague 3, entrance from the Chopinova street

At the Dragon playground is a newly reconstructed, secure, fenced and permanently guarded. The dominant feature of the playground is a climbing frame with a slide in the shape of dragon. The playground is equipped with several sandpits with sliding covers, swings, a merry-go-round, a seesaws, a huge inflatable trampoline, a tunnel and other attractions.
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Havlíčkovy sady – Upper playground

Havlíčkovy sady, main entrance from the Rybalkova street, Prague 2

Havlíčkovy sady is a large lovely park in Prague 2. It is a popular place for families because there is a children-friendly, non-smoking café, a stalactite cave “Grotta”, a vineyard with gazebo, 2 well-maintained playgrounds and an abundance of beautiful green spaces. The playground in the upper part of the park is fenced, clean and well-equipped.

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Prague for kids: Prague is impressively kid-friendly and features numerous family-orientated venues. The city boasts a wide range of child-friendly attractions, restaurants, cafes, museums, fun and sport centres and kid´s zones with play areas for toddlers. There are a lot of free activities available to children and youngsters at different locations, such as playgrounds, gardens, educational and environmental centres or outdoor play areas.  Praguest presents a complete guide to fun, educational and sport events for children in Prague and gathers relevant information and recommendations for families. Find places equipped with diaper changing tables, pram access or play areas for children of all ages. Check some ideas for kid-friendly days out in Prague and enjoy a day in zoo, botanic garden, water or  amusement park with minimal hassles and for reasonable cost.
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