Day Trip near Prague – Beroun, Tětín, waterfalls and viewpoints

Over a 1,000-year-old memorable site, Tětín, is linked to captivating historical events and a mysterious past.  Located in a beautiful protected area of Cesky kras in the Beroun district, it is a perfect place for a day trip from Prague.  There are two different educational trails, Tetin viewpoints (Tětínské vyhlídky and Tětínské vyhlídky II.), that meet near the Baroque church of St. Ludmila in Tetin and on the 9.května square.  The first walking trail with 5 stops leads through the historical part of the village, the square and churches and explores historical and culturally significant sites of interest. The second 2.5 km long route with 10 stops starts Pod Valy street through the tunnel to the Damil Hill.

If you travel with small children and you aim for kids to experience free play surrounded by nature, wildlife and beautiful views of the picturesque landscape, we recommend that you take only some parts of these walking tracks and visit other attractions in the area - quarries, viewpoints, Tetin rocks and waterfalls. If you set off from the public parking lot near the church of St. Ludmila and take an unmarked narrow forest path along Tetin Rocks, you will come to two amazing waterfalls. From Tetin direction, it is easier to access the smaller 1.5 m high waterfall, from which you can look at a 10 m high waterfall. The descent to the large waterfall and an adjacent cave is risky and challenging for children and adults alike. The best option is to take the same route back and continue along the educational trail to the remnants of the early medieval Přemyslid castle Tetin. According to historical records, a duchessses and a patroness of Bohemia, St. Ludmila, the grandmother of St. Wenceslas,was murdered at Tetin castle in 921.

Magnificent views of Berounka river  from the viewpoint near the baroque Church of St. John of Nepomuk are definitely the highlight of the trip. Yet, children may like even more a beautiful playground near the church. Then you can take the walking track “Tětínské vyhlídky II.” or head to the top attraction for children – a Bear Farm. Located approximately 5 km from Tetin, the Bear Farm in Beroun  offers a unique opportunity to observe two brown bear brothers, Matej and Kuba, well-known from the popular Czech bedtime story “Little bears''. The Bear Farm includes an indoor and a large outdoor enclosure with trees, swings and a pool. There is a wooden children's playground and a refreshment stand next to the Bear Farm. Situated less than 5 minutes’ walk from the farm, a lookout tower on the top of Beroun Town Hill offers splendid views of nature reserves of Czech Karst, Kokorin valley and Děd hill.