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Become an paranormal activity expert, archeologist, detective or medieval prisoner in Prague! Use your intelligence, common sense and teamwork to reveal secrets of mysterious rooms, before the time limit is up and there would be no escape...

Just like in Da Vinci Code or Indiana Jones, team of 2-6 players is facing various obstacles, puzzles and ciphers, exploring what’s hidden from sight. As they get deeper, they discover more and more hints, open what’s locked and move forward both in the space and story. However, 60 minutes time limit is merciless, so finishing this adventure takes real heroes. 

The Chamber is the biggest and most popular „Escape room“ brand in Czech Republic. At this moment, they offer 5 escape rooms in Prague , each different and very special. The Chamber is well known for a big-budget built games and level of craftsmanship. Atmosphere, interiors, unique puzzles and advanced technology will quickly take you to another dimension.
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Who enjoys fear, has to visit a „Haunted house“ and "Haunted House 2: Poltergeist", which are one of the most terrifying attractions in central Europe.

For fans of science fiction, The Chamber now offers a hi-tech mobile game "NUCLEUS", which takes place in a big truck and can be moved anywhere, even to your event.

The „Torture chamber“ is not for sissies either. You must set your friends free and escape from painful death in a medieval dungeon. If you are not a fan of heavy stuff like this, visit „Mysterious Office“ or „The Emperor’s Secret“, where you can enjoy historical Prague atmosphere and mysterious adventure, suitable for younger players, too. „Hacker’s Nest“ is a top choice for anyone who likes action movies, technology and dare to save the world.

  The Chamber PragueThe Chamber Escape Game in Prague

Vodičkova 1, Prague 1

Petrské náměstí 1, Prague 1

Bílkova 21, Prague 1

mobile game, on request

Opening hours:
Mo - Su: 10.00 - 23.30

TEL.: +420 777 779 005

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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