Family-friendly day trip to Čimický a Ďáblický háj in Prague 8

Čimický and Ďáblický Groves, pleasant forest parks on the territories of Bohnice, Ďáblice and Kobylisy, are perfect places to walk, cycle, as well as rest and relax in nature. The hiking trails, yellow, red and blue, are suitable for cycling, jogging or cross-country skiing in winter months. There are 5 children´s playgrounds, an outdoor gym for adults, several ponds and lookout points, a gamekeeper´s lodge and the Ďablice Observatory. These idyllic reserves offer the best alternative for all of you, who prefer to spend a peaceful time with children far from the agitated city life.

If you travel by public transport, the bus stop „Vozovna Kobylisy“ is one of many possible starting points of the walk through Ďáblický háj. A 2-km-long walking route from this point to Dablice Observatory is accessible by first bikes, prams, strollers and bicycles. After about 500 meters, yellow hiking path will take you to the first children’s playground  with benches, a seesaw and a wooden swing and slide set. It features a picnic area with fireplace and wonderful rocky surroundings.

A straight walking trail leads to the largest and most attractive playground of Ďáblický háj, which includes a wooden train, a gazebo, swings, slides, and benches. There are some ponds on the eastern edge of the forest, where children can observe newts or dragonflies. A lookout point close to the second playground offers excellent views. 

Located in the north-eastern edge of the forest close to Ďáblice Observatory, the Fit Park along with children's playground "Na Znělci" cater for children and adults  alike. The Ďáblice Observatory is built on a rocky promontory of the Ládví Hill, which offers unique views of the Central Bohemian Uplands and Říp Mountain. Mysterious Ládví Hill reaches a height of 359 m a.s.l., which makes it Prague´s highest natural peak on the right bank of the Vltava river. According to legends, it was a sacred place dedicated to the gods.

From the bus stop „Vozovna Kobylisy“ you can move smoothly to Čimický háj. When visiting this forest park, you will have an opportunity to enjoy various recreational outdoor activities or simply relax in a comfortable café located about halfway to the gamekeeper's lodge. They serve delicious coffee, homemade lemonades and traditional Czech desserts from natural ingredients. Located on the crossroad in front of the gamekeeper's lodge, a memorial oak tree is the oldest tree in Čimický háj.

There are two children´s playgrounds, surrounded by greenery and trees that provide welcome shade on a hot, sunny day. The smaller unfenced playground in front of the gamekeeper´s lodge has a swing, small play elements and wooden statues.

The bigger fenced playground will captivate kids with some original play elements, such as a replica of a horse-drawn carriage or a tractor with a trailer.