The Prague Opera Ball is an exclusive and very popular event, which usually takes place in the building of the Prague State Opera at the beginning of February. It welcomes renowned international guests from the world of culture, politics, business and sports. Among them have been Cambodian princess Norodom Arunrasmy, Tonia Sotiropoulou, Kiera Chaplin, or Paul Potts. The Gala evening features opening speeches, classical music, ballroom dancing along with a charity auction. The Opera Ball maintains a traditional and formal atmosphere and is regarded as the most glamorous, elegant and prestigious event in Prague. The dress code is full length gowns for women and evening tails with white tie for men. For more information about the Ball, and to see prices and programme, explore our “what´s on” section.


Whether you are celebrating as a couple, family, or single Prague has something for everyone on Valentine´s Day. It is one of the most romantic cities in Europe and a perfect place to celebrate the most romantic day of the year. Things to do on February 14 in Prague range from the very typical evening dinner cruise with magnificent views to a carriage ride through the historic downtown. There are dozens of options including a special show, candlelit dinner, jazz evening, balloon tours or ice-skating. You can take a romantic stroll in some of the Prague parks and gardens and look at the city from high above. There is no shortage of the ultimate romantic restaurants perfect for couples, presenting fantastic Valentine´s Day menus. Enjoy a fabulous dinner for two in one of the best Valentine´s Day restaurants, which are sure to put you in a romantic mood. For great ideas for Valentine´s Day, bars, restaurants, attractions, menus and more, visit our “What´s on” section. If you are single or not the romantic type and you look for a fancy night out or a more offbeat celebration, check out the list of the best parties in Prague.

Masopust is the traditional Czech carnival celebration. The word “masopust” comes from the Old Czech and means “meat fast”. People wear masks, dress up in costumes, celebrate the start of spring, fertility and give farewell to winter. Masopust is a moveable feast day and the last chance to feast before Easter Lent, the 40 weekdays and six Sundays preceding Easter. A ceremonial processions of human and animal costumed characters such as devils, cow herders, farmers, goats, sheep, dogs, pigs go from house to house, where they receive food and drink. Masopust celebrations in Prague include mask parades, dancing in the streets, singing, noise making, feasting and drinking. A vigorous Mardi Gras celebrations take place in Žižkov, in Jiřího z Poděbrad square. The biggest carnival event is the festival Carnevale Praha (the Prague Carnival), which is held in downtown Prague. To see dates, times, venues, locations, and the programme of carnival celebrations, explore “what´s on” section.

Held each February, Carnevale Praha is the largest carnival celebration in the Czech republic. Every year the streets of the Old Town come alive with music, folk dances and mask parades. The attractions of the festival include concerts, shows, balls, art exhibitions, theatre performances, public and private parties. Numerous carnival events and celebrations for kids take place across the city. Do not miss a vivid spectacle of carnival processions and vibrant costumes. Enjoy never-ending feasting, opulent balls and special menus of the Prague´s best restaurants. Find more about spectacular celebrations and see the programme of the Prague Carnival.
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