Farmer's Market in Prague

Food and drink
Date: 14 February 2018

City: Prague

Farmer's Market in Prague - markets, farmers and their products, events, festivals and workshops for children.

The first farmer’s market after summer is back at its usual spot and Bakery Mašek will be coming back! The duck farm Holýšov, farm Trněný Újezd with chicken, beef and pork will also be there. You will be able to find great dumplings at Tamarind Tree. Continue reading →
This Saturday, the stand with champignons and oyster mushrooms is coming back, as well as the True Shiitake stand. It has rained a bit, so forest mushrooms started growing as well – you can buy them at the “Karolínčin med, houby a bylinky” stand, along with honey and herbs. If you want to go to the forest yourselves to collect mushrooms, Continue reading →
The list of attendees for Saturday, 15th September. New things – Czech virgin oils from Hanys, gingerbread from Perníčkovi, buckwheat crepes from Galetky. Try painting on tiles or painting gingerbread men! Continue reading →
Last Saturday in September where we will see each other at the farmer’s market is the 22 September. We will be back at Heřmaňák on October 6. Continue reading →
Let’s try to minimize the plastic waste created by Náplavka. Archetyp, z. s., the organization behind the farmer’s markets at Náplavka, is collaborating with the Ministry of Environment and TCP, the managers of the markets, to use reusable and returnable plastic cups during the farmers market, starting this Saturday! Continue reading →
HREJKOVICE PICKLED CABBAGE is coming back! It is homemade and without additives. You can buy 0.5 kg, 1 kg or 3 kg jars, that you can return and exchange for full ones. GALETKA CREPES – French crepes made with buckwheat, with sweet or salty fillings. Continue reading →
From this Saturday you can buy beer, burčák (young wine) or lemonade from a returnable cup. There is a 50 Kč deposit for the cup and you can return it at any stand that sells cold drinks. Continue reading →
Autumn is here, so Hrejkovice pickled cabbage and pickles are coming back! At Moštárna Dryk, you can buy fresh apple juice. You can also buy venison bratwurst, many types of pumpkins, fresh walnuts Continue reading →
Like every year (since 2010), you can reserve a goose for yourself for Saturday 10 November. This goose will be from a farm in Holýšov in Vysočina. It will be fresh, and you can be sure that you will have a fresh goose to serve to your guests at your feast to celebrate St. Martin. The reservation is free. You can find the reservation form under this article. Continue reading →
Goat Farm Dřevec / once a month: 13.10., 10.11. and 8.12., every second Saturday in the month. There will be goat milk in glass containers, cheddar and hermelín (Czech cheese, similar to camembert) goat cheese, quark and kefir. Goat milk is healthy and easier to digest than cow’s milk, especially for kids. The goat farm has had its premiere in July and people who buy their products can confirm that they are delicious! Continue reading →
On Saturday, October 20, get some beautiful gingerbread from Perníkáča. If you have a sweet tooth, stop by Choco-café and Žiži chocolates and by Donuterie. You can donate some money to a good cause by buying from Ponožky od Babičky (Socks made by grandma), or some great cosmetics from Kozí pelíšek. Continue reading →
Saturday October 20 – the last market in October! On October 27, there will be no market. We will see you again on November 3. Continue reading →






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