Farmer's Market in Prague

Food and drink
Date: 14 March 2018

City: Prague

Farmer's Market in Prague - markets, farmers and their products, events, festivals and workshops for children.

Come to Náplavka on Saturday the 16th to shop for presents - hard, soft and ebidle. Gingerbread, ajvar, Tyrolean speck, almonds, but also ceramics, stitch work presents, glass, jewelry from natural materials and silver, natural kitchenware or stylish leather backpacks. Continue reading →
Another Saturday on farmer's market Heřmaňák. You can look forward to traditional "pagáčky" (salty pastry): with olives, garlic, cabbage, speck, cheese..). Painted ceramics from Hanka Poštýnská: mugs, tea pots, candleholders, Continue reading →
The market starts in January, February and December at 10:00 and ends at 15:00 (or 14:00). The farmers list might be slightly changed in case of really low temperatures, the frost could damage some fruits, vegetables, flowers.. So be sure to check our website or facebook a few days before the event, so the the reduced farmers list doesn't catch you by suprise. From March to November is the market from 9:00 to 15:00. Continue reading →
Farmer's market Náplavka is starting its 9th season, this year in February. We kick off on the first Saturday of the next month and hope that frost won't be in our way (to be sure check our website or facebook) Continue reading →
Another market in winter takes place on Saturday. This time are the temperatures just above the the freezing point, so we cannot expect any flowers, most of them would die from the shock. Continue reading →
Tulips and daffodils at Heřmaňák! Florist Hanka Bucková will be there to bind and decorate the flowers according to your taste. You can also look forward to bags made out of tow, Daddy's food, cakeshop Cake Kingdom and more.. Continue reading →
Come and taste carribean food street on the grill, Special Beer 14° Ginger Juicy style, or bottled archive wines, mulled wine, young wine Continue reading →
Hot drinks, live music! Come, sit and taste the specials of the butcher maestros from 9:00 till sellout. Continue reading →
We resist the cold temperatures, but it's easy with hot chocolate, cakes, coffee from Alchymista, hot drinks, grilling of klobasa, and all the nice people to warm us up. Continue reading →
True pork goulash with bread and black soup on the spot. To those who would like to take some away, we recommend bringing your own containers. Then of course the traditional treats – crackling spread, white pudding or blood sausage, Continue reading →
Hooray! The frosts are finally over and the market will have more to offer - vegetables, Czech tulips and daffodils, fruits, a new beekeeper and a brand new rabbit farm! Continue reading →
This week on Saturday we can finally expect some spring weather and Náplavka will bloom up with tulips, daffodils, pansies and cowlips. Responsible for that will be the farms Gardenista, Tomkovi and Bystrý family. Continue reading →






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