Darja Krupkova opened Academie Du Cognac because of love.

  Born and raised in Prague, Darja's first love was dance. At the age of 11 her love of ballet brought her to France to study. She stayed there studying and working in ballet for many years. First in Paris, then Bordeaux, and ultimately to the region of Cognac. The move to Cognac was also precipitated by love. Darja fell in love with someone from Cognac but her love soon spread to the beautiful Cognac region and of course to its name sake product, Cognac.

académie du cognac Prague
  Darja spent five years in Cognac, studying the brown nectar, learning all about its rich flavours and history. Dance was now taking second place in her heart, her new fascination, her new love was now Cognac.

  Injuries had taken a toll and dance was becoming less of an option so Darja decided she needed to carve a new career path. She decided to move back to Prague and open Academie Du Cognac as a way of sharing her love of Cognac with her old home town.

académie du cognac Prague
  Expansion plans are already in the works but at the moment Academie Du Cognac is a small shop with some magnificent bottles of Cognac on display, a private room with lockers for members to keep bottles on hand, another room for tastings and larger groups and a patio.

  I went there to visit the patio which is open Friday and Saturday nights. There is a live jazz group, food served and, of course, Cognac. There are nine different kinds of Cognac on the menu, Champagne and four Cognac based cocktails. I ordered a Frapin VSOP and sat back to enjoy the music and the warm summer evening. The patio is out behind the shop which is at the back of a quaint old hotel on a quiet little old town street. The crowd seemed to be a mix of Cognac enthusiasts and hotel patrons.

académie du cognac Prague
  Sitting on this elegant little patio, sipping Cognac, I felt quite at home in my jacket and tie, even though it was early summer so shorts and t shirts were also well represented. I had already been there an hour by the time I finished my first drink and the sun had set but I wanted to try one of those cocktails before leaving. The four on the menu that night were "Nuts Paradise", (a combination of chestnuts and hazelnuts, "Raspberry Smash" (with Champagne and raspberries), "Vanilla Fumée   Cigar" (Cognac with smoked Vanilla and served with a cigar) and "Fruit De La Passion" (with apricots and egg whites). I decided to go with the "Nuts Paradise".  It tasted of Christmas and laughter, and as promised, nuts. I ate before I arrived because I didn't want to be tasting Cognac on an empty stomach but I wish I had waited. The food looked wonderful. It's a limited menu but you can have a full meal or just snacks. As the project expands, I'm sure the food aspect will expand as well.

  Whether you are a true Cognac connoisseur or just a novice, the next time you feel like having a Cognac in Prague, do yourself and your guests a favour and check out Academie Du Cognac. It's Prague's top spot for Cognac. Their selection and product knowledge are second to none. For a special bottle from the shop or a drink on the patio, or just to talk Cognac with Darja, Academic Du Cognac is located at Liliova 18 in Old Town, Prague 1.

  académie du cognac PragueAcademie Du Cognac
Liliová 1070/18, Prague 1 - Staré Město

TEL.: +420 725 927 414

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Web: www.academieducognac.com

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