Loď Pivovar is both a great traditional Czech pub and a great traditional Czech restaurant in one location. The restaurant is on the main level and the pub on the lower level, each with their own separate bar, menu and atmosphere. Loď Pivovar clearly strives to offer an authentic Czech experience. The menu, the beer, the staff and the prices, really hit the mark. There is no question that they will entice people who are visiting Prague and looking for some local flavour but the quality of the beer and the food along with the reasonable prices, will no doubt draw in the locals as well.

At this point, you may be saying to yourself, "I'm sure Prague is full of places like that. What makes this place so special? "Well, here's where it gets good. Let me break it down for you in three categories.

Loď Pivovar in Prague
1) For the nautical enthusiast,

Loď Pivovar is a boat. Yes, I know the Czech speakers already figured that out, (loď means boat). It's a fully operational river boat docked on the Vltava river near the Štefanikuv bridge, just a five minute walk from Namesti Republiky. Although it is fully operational, it would only "set sail" on very rare and special occasions so it will be there when you arrive, no worries. The Pivovar, as she's called, used to be in service in east Berlin's lakes, offering recreational tours for workers. Now after being lovingly renovated and restored, with a traditional Czech pub on the lower deck and a traditional Czech restaurant on the main deck, the old girl has a whole new life. The shape of the place and the unobstructed river view are constant reminders that you are on the boat but they reinforce the nautical theme with their beer names. Lod Pivovar's three permanent beers, Legie (10°), Republika (12°) and Monarchie (13°) are all named for actual boats that worked the Vltava but they will always add special beers to the menu for limited times. Beers with names like Bismarck or the 34° Titanic. They have plans for a Japanese beer called Yamato as well. All this talk of beer brings me to the second category...

Loď Pivovar in Prague
2) For the beer lover,

Lod Pivovar is a brew pub! Yes again, I know the Czech speakers figured that out too, (pivovar means brewery). They brew their three permanent beers as well as their various short term specials right there on the boat. In addition to the ones I have already mentioned Loď Pivovar are planning to introduce an Irish stout and an English style India Pale Ale and there's no doubt many more beers coming in the future. They also plan to offer a huge selection of bottled beer from around the world, as many as 100 different kinds. That last fact alone would make Lod Pivovar a certain stop for any beer enthusiast passing through or living in Prague. I tried the 10°Legie and the 12°Republika, two of their permanent brews, and they were both fantastic. I don't consider myself an expert on beer but I have lived in the Czech Republic for about a decade so, well let's say I've had a few. The beer tastes like it was brewed by someone who knows what they're doing and loves their job.

Loď Pivovar in Prague
3) For the foodie,

The food is wonderful. The prices are quite reasonable and the portions are generous so this will no doubt attract the locals and be a nice change for tourists who have spent a couple of days being over charged for mediocre meals. Lod Pivovar's restaurant menu is a nice selection of traditional Czech dishes. They have Duck, Rabbit, Bore and Goulash all prepared and presented in a very traditional way but with a slightly lighter, more calorie conscious touch. I had the goulash and it was, honestly the best goulash I have ever had. I may not be an authority on goulash but as I said, I've been here about ten years and I've had plenty of goulash. The quality of the meat and the dumplings were well beyond what you normally expect but the gravy was what put it over the top for me. I was also quite surprised by the quantity. I'm sure I would not have finished it if my wife, (who said she wasn't hungry) hadn't helped me. They also offer baked chicken, flank steak, grilled trout, some vegetarian dishes and a couple of meals just for kids. The signature dish would be the Wild Bore, roasted in bacon with rose hip sauce.

One last thing I think I should mention. In addition to the lower and main decks, there is an upper deck. The upper deck will have more seating, a barbecue, a children's play area, showers and beds. That's right day loungers, so you can take a nap. The owner and creator of Lod Pivovar, Vojtěch Ryvola, added the beds because he "always wanted to go to a restaurant where you can lie down after a good meal." (genius).

Steve Meyers
  Loď Pivovar in PragueLoď Pivovar Prague
Dvořákovo nábřeží, Štefánikův most, kotviště číslo 19, Prague 1

Opening hours:
Mo - Th: 11.30 - 23, Fr - Sa: 11.30 - 00.00,
Su: 11.30 - 23

TEL.: +420 773 778 788

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Web: www.pivolod.cz


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