10 Fantastic Free Things to Do in Prague - Free attractions in Prague

Prague is a bustling metropolis with plenty of attractions, events, and things to do. Yet, the most memorable experiences won’t cost you anything. We have put together the list of the best free things to do in Prague that are open and free to the public. The list below shows that the saying, “the best things in life are free” is true for Prague.

Vltava Riverfront
Walk, bike or run along the Vltava river. Rašínovo nábřeží, often referred to as "náplavka", offers a refreshing respite for visitors seeking an afternoon or evening break. It is a perfect place to enjoy the best views of downtown Prague, watch the boats passing by, or feed swans. Have a drink in one of the many bars on boat or take a ferry boat to explore the 1.7 km long island called "Cisarska louka". Naplavka is  the site of many city festivals, celebrations and markets.

Farmer's markets
Visit one of many city's Farmers markets. Prague's farmers markets offer delicious, local produce, as well as hand-made crafts, freshly baked goods, herbs, flowers and much more. Stroll through the market, meet locals, purchase fresh green groceries and enjoy a glass of wine or fresh dishes. There are always free samples to try! Markets also hosts events for kids, shows and concerts.
Vyšehrad Fort
Centrally located, a historic fort Vyšehrad boasts lots of free attractions, including an outdoor theatre, children's playground, a jogging and walking trails and loads of recreational space. Visitors can enjoy a picnic under the trees or simply stroll about and admire the scenery.

Wallenstein Garden
Prague is home to beautiful gardens. Experience the beauty of nature and magnificent colours in the best gardens and parks in Prague. Located behind the Malostranska metro in Mala strana , the Wallenstein Garden is the second largest garden in the center of Prague. The dominant feature of the Wallenstein Garden, Sala terrena, is an impressive loggia decorated with frescoes depicting the Trojan Wars, surrounded on one side with an artificial stalactite cave, called grotta. The garden features bronze statues of Greek gods, a pond with a marble fountain of Hercules and ornamental fish, an aviary, and lavish greenery including shaped hedges, mature oak and maple trees, tulips and magnolia. Classical concerts and theatre performances are held here in summer. Note that the garden is open daily from 7.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. from June to October.

Mini zoos and farms
Petting zoos and farms are fantastic places to visit with young children and awesome spots to play! The mini zoo is a perfect blend of nature, fun and exploration for families of all generations. Local wildlife, farm favourites, and outdoor play and picnic areas for are sure to be a unique experience. There are seven completely free mini zoos in Prague.  At some of these spots, children are able to pet animals through a fence, hold baby animals, feed them, or learn new things about animals. The Station of Young Biologists, Zoo Chuchle and Toulcův dvůr are worth a visit.  

Museums and galleries
Most museums and galleries in Prague charge small entry fee, some of them offer free admission on some days and some are free all year round. Off the radar to most visitors, yet one of the city's popular attractions, the largest Aviation Museum in the Czech republic, Kbely Aviation Museum, contains many fascinating exhibits including helicopters, Czech built aircraft, military and historic aircraft. Both historic and modern Aero aircraft are showcased in the historical hangars of Letnany Aviation Museum. Located in the heart of Prague in Ramova street, a unique exhibition space, Gallery Lapidarium, offers Baroque statues of important masters, historical graffiti and exhibitions of contemporary art.

Churches and the Infant Jesus of Prague
There are many intriguing cathedrals, churches and chapels to discover all over Prague. Visitors wishing to experience charming and peaceful atmosphere of the church can enter for free. The Church of Our Lady Victorious in Mala strana is home of the Infant Jesus of Prague, over 400 years old statue of infant Jesus holding a globus cruciger. It is an iconic tourist attraction that is worth braving the crowds for.

Phenomenal viewpoints - the best vantage points in Prague
There is no doubt that the best way to see Prague is from above ground level. Best free options for stunning, panoramic views across Prague include Vítkov, Hradčany square adjacent the Prague Castle, Petřín, Letná park, Riegrovy sady, Vyšehrad, Dobeska hill. These two options are worth mentioning even though there are not completely free. Cloud 9, a rooftop bar of the Hilton Hotel Pobrezni, boasts incredible views over Prague, a luxury environment and expertly created cocktails. Impressive views come as a standard at Terasa u Prince. This charming rooftop café at Old Town square is a great place to have a breakfast in the morning, coffee break in the afternoon or an evening drink.

Monuments and hidden gems
Prague is truly one of a kind. The main highlights of the city are definitely Old Town square, Charles Bridge, Jewish city or Prague castle. If you want to explore different side of Prague off the beaten path, discover the most special, unique places and less known "treasures". Most locals agree that Nový svět (New world) is the hidden gem of Prague. Only a ten-minute walk from the buzzing Prague castle, Nový svět is a fascinating "village" of stunning beauty in the heart Hradcany district. The Lennon wall, a wall decorated by graffiti, short poems and lyrics from Beatles´ songs and a symbol of freedom and a protest against communist rule, lies hidden among gardens, embassies, Čertovka river and picturesque squares of Mala strana. Other attractions that are worth your time include Loreta, Kampa park, Havlíčkovy sady, Vrtba garden or Letenske sady. Nestled between two houses in Mala strana, Lužického semináře, Prague´s narrowest street with installed traffic lights attracts lots of visitors and locals alike!

A visit to at least one park in Prague is a must. Prague has an abundance of peaceful, verdant spaces that give you a chance to enjoy outdoor activities, sports or picnics. To feel out of the city, head to Stromovka park. To enjoy spectacular views of Prague, visit Riegrovy sady, Kampa Park, Letenske sady or Parukarka. For a social vibe and a unique experience, spread out a blanket at Havlickovy sady. Take a look at the best parks in Prague to visit during your trip.

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