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Located in the Nature Park Chuchle Grove, a large forest complex between Mala Chuchle and Velka Chuchle, a mini zoo is a magical place for children and a perfect spot for all little explorers. The small zoo houses numerous forest animals including moufflons, deers, does, fallow deers, sheep and wild pigs. The zoo is a home to raccoons, lynxes, ravens, owls, buzzards, pheasants, polecats and many others. Children come into close proximity with animals and they learn interesting fact, which are written on the notice boards. The complex includes a refreshments kiosk with sitting area as well as beautiful wooden playgound with a sandpit, a seesaw and other play elements.
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There are three children´s playground close to the zoo. The first one features a horizontal bar and a seesaw. The second playground offers several wooden play elements, such as a little house, a slide, a seesaw, a merry-go-round or a gazebo with a picnic table. The third playgound is located at the beautiful spacious meadow and offers many play elements including a funicular, a little house, a little train, climbing frames, swings and seesaws.  
Families with schoolchildren will appreciate 3.5 km long educational trail that starts at the bust stop „Malá Chuchle“, runs throught the Chuchle Grove to the bus stop „Velká Chuchle“. If you start at the University of Agriculture (V lázních 42/3) and follow the yellow tourist sign, you will reach the zoo. This walking trail is accessible to prams and strollers. If you wonder where to take your children for a trip close to Prague, Chuchle zoo a great place for children and parents alike. You will enjoy a fun time and a memorable day.

  Mini zoo at Chuchle Grove (Chuchelský háj)
Chlumecká 765/6, 198 19 Prague 9

Opening hours:

Entrance fee: Free

TEL.: +420 775 018 630

Web: www.chuchle.cz/chuchelsky-haj-a-zoo.html


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