Goldfingers the gentlemen's club

There are a number of gentlemen's clubs in this city but Goldfingers' reputation for presenting the most beautiful women in Prague is backed up by at least one friend who has been to them all. Trust me, this friend has spent a lot of time in Prague's many strip bars and gentlemen's clubs and I would be inclined to trust his opinions on such matters but I felt compelled to see for myself.

Goldfingers is in a prime location at the bottom of Wenceslas Square, under the beautiful Ambassador Hotel. The entrance is at the end of a long passage way. You enter and take a few steps down to the coat check area and a few more to the show room.

The show room at Goldfingers is ellegant and spacious. The stage seems to dominate the room but there are a good number of tables, all with great views of the action. There is a small bar off to one side where you could sit alone and see the show but the best views are from the tables surrounding the stage.

Goldfingers Prague
I arrived at Goldfingers just as they opened for the evening in order to take in as much of the show as possible. In the beginning it was pretty much what you'd expect to see, a beautiful woman comes out and slowly disrobes over the course of three songs, then another, then another, until it's a parade of naked beauty.
Let's face it, Prague is a city full of gorgeous women and with Goldfinger's reputation for class and exquisite beauty there is every reason to expect the best show in town. I was not disappointed.

Soon they were coming out two at a time, then three, then four. The stage was constantly occupied by one or more naked nubile enchantress. I was struck by the variety of comely lasses taking the stage. First an Arab beauty, then a Pole, an Asian, a Latina lovely, a stunning Russian princess...It was like a United Nations of nudity. Some of the girls were such polished pole dancers that their hair raising acrobatics had me on the edge of my seat.

Goldfinger Prague
Goldfingers' stage is primarily devoted to exotic dancers like you'd find in many places around Prague or the world for that matter but there is more to Goldfingers' show than your standard strip bar. In addition to the best exotic dancers in Prague, Goldfingers presents specialty performers like acrobats and ballet dancers as well as a troop of cabaret dancers. Clearly it's important to Goldfingers that their patrons get a real show with genuine entertainment as well as more than just a little titillation. The night I was there I counted over 25 different women, not including the lovely and efficient bar staff, but I'm told that on weekends there are as many as 50 women taking the stage throughout the night.

Goldfingers is perfect for your next stag night or if you're just out on the town with a couple of friends. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed and a great place to be any night of the week. 

Goldfinger Prague
Check out their website for more details, learn about their special offers or to book a table and tip your waitress, they're working hard too.

Steve Meyers

Goldfingers Prague
Václavské náměstí 5, Prague 1

Opening hours:
Sun – Thu 8.30 p.m. – 5.00 a.m.
Fri + Sat 8.30 p.m. – 6.00 a.m.

+420 739 123 123