Vršovická vodárna

Vršovická vodárna v Bráníku, Vltavanů 229, Prague 4 – Bráník
This artificial ice rink (5 x 10), made of a special material, works all year round, even in warm climate. The centre features a restaurant or an ice-skate rental for reasonable prices. Ice skating lessons are available for all kids.

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Na Štvanici

Ostrov Štvanice 1125, Prague 7 – Holešovice
Reopened for the 2012 season after an extensive refurbishment, Na Štvanici outdoor ice rink (15 x 30) is set on an island of the Vltava river. Apart from expertly maintained ice surfaces,  the arena offers refreshment kiosk with food and warm drinks and an ice-skate rental.

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Galerie Harfa

Českomoravská 2420/15a, Prague 9
The ice-skating rink is located on the roof of the Galerie Harfa shopping mall. Professional staff provides ice-skating lessons for all ages and ability levels. Night ice skating or rental of skating equipment is available for all visitors.

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Na Františku

Kozí, Prague 1
This outdoor ice-skating rink, located in the quiet area of the Old Town, close to the Vltava river, operates from November till March. Ice arena Na Františku offers a well-kept outdoor ice rink in the size of 40 x 20 meters open to the public skating, ice-skates rental and sharpening services.

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Ovocný trh

Ovocný trh, Prague 1
This downtown outdoor ice-skating rink offers free public skating sessions, ice-skate rental. It operates from December to January and its visitors can enjoy numerous cultural events.

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Školní stadion Bronzová

Bronzová 1387/37, Prague 5
Ice Arena Bronzová is a quiet area of Stodulky, close to the metro station. The facilities include an indoor skating rink (62x 26m), changing rooms, washrooms and food and drink vending machines. There is no ice-skate rental.

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Malá sportovní hala Prague

Výstaviště 67, Prague 7
Malá sportovní hala, a multi-purpose sports hall, is available for a wide range of sport and cultural events, such as concerts, dance or company parties, exhibitions, film or television shooting. In winter it offers s public skating, figure skating or hockey training sessions. There are no ice-skate rental or sharpening facilities.

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Ice areana Novodvorská (Stadion Kobra Novodvorská)

Mikuleckého 1584, Prague 4
Ice arena Novodvorská features a full-sized indoor rink, a hockey school or a pleasant restaurant. The rink is primarily used for the hockey club Kobra Praha, ice-hockey lessons and games. Additionally, at weekends it offers public skating sessions. Visitors can also rent out skating equipment.

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ZS Hvězda

Na rozdílu 725/1, Prague 6 – Vokovice
ZS Hvězda  features an ice rink (60 x 30 meter), an ice-skate rental, a restaurant, a bar, a sporting goods store, a fitness centre or a parking lot. It offers public ice skating during the weekends, group or private ice-skating lessons for all ages and all levels, parties, and various events. In addition to these, the ice rink is available to rent for private or company events, film/television shooting, fashion shows, concerts etc...
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U Nikolajky 28, Prague 5
Nikolajka outdoor arena offers hockey and figure skating courses, public skating sessions, senior, family or school skating. The ice rink features a shop with ice-hockey equipment, a store with used and discount sporting goods, an ice-skate rental and skate sharpening.

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Ice Arena Letňany

Tupolevova 669, Prague 18 – Letňany
The Ice Arena Letňany is located close to the shopping, entertainment centre and an aqua park. It is opened all year round, except from summer holidays,  and it features two ice arenas, a restaurant, a fitness centre, a parking lot, a sporting goods store, an ice-skate rental, an ice-skate sharpening service or a betting shop.

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