La Casa Argentina, all that and kid friendly too

Dlouha is probably the hippest streets in Prague's Old Town and La Casa Argentina is one of the reasons why. As the name suggests, La Casa Argentina is an Argentinian restaurant, which means beef to me but this is much more than another steak restaurant. They have multiple dining areas, live music, live animals and an amazing kid's play area.

La Casa Argentina has four different dining areas, all decorated with their own distinct themes. When you walk in off the street you enter the Caminito Street room, named for and decorated to depict the famous street in Buenos Aires. This room seats about 60 people and features its own bar and a small stage. There is live music every night as well as Latin dancing.

Next to the Caminito Street room is the Salon Iguazu. This bright, sun lit room seats about 30 people and the decor is inspired by the beautiful Iguazu falls north of Buenos Aires. I'm told at one time there was an actual water fall feature in the room but due to some recent renovations it had to be removed, so now the dominant feature in the room is a large fish tank at one end.

Passing through Salon Iguazu you enter a nautical themed room called Puerto La Boca. It also has its own bar and looked like it would seat 45 to 50 comfortably. This room is also the home of La Casa Argentina's chameleon and two pigmy marmosets.

Upstairs from Puerto La Boca is the largest of the four dining areas, Salon La Isla. This room has its own bar and seats up to 90 people. The Salon La Isla is a large bright space, separated from the rest of La Casa Argentina by a set of stairs. It struck me that it would be the perfect place for a small wedding reception or a birthday party.

Just off the Salon La Isla is La Casa Argentina's magnificent children's area. If you are visiting Prague with children, or live in Prague and like most of us, you have children, this may be the most important information about the restaurant. I have been in Prague about ten years and have had at least one kid for eight of those years. I have seen all manner of wonderful child friendly spaces in restaurants and cafes around Prague but this is the best child friendly zone I've seen. There is a structure with balls to jump in, slides to go down and things to kick and climb on.

La Casa Argentina Prague for kids
It's perfect for the 3 and ups who don't have the patience to sit and wait for food to arrive. This clever little kid's area has its own washroom and a small kitchen with a sink and a microwave oven so you can prepare formula and baby food for the younger children. The fact that this family friendly spot has its own washroom is convenient but to have a small kitchen area, as well, really puts it over the top for me. As if that weren't enough, there is another small room just for younger children and babies. It's a small quiet space with toys and places to sit away from the noise and confusion of the main play area. This spacious children's play area is staffed with nannies and is free to La Casa Argentina diners and available to anyone for an hourly fee, so you could just drop the kids off while you shop in Namesti Republiky or along Dlouha.

La Casa Argentina Prague
As I said La Casa Argentina is about beef. They have 12 kinds of steaks, with a mix of U.S. and Argentine meat but they offer more than just red meat. La Casa Argentina menu has something for everyone. There are pasta and seafood options as well as an array of salads, desserts and of course, a great children's menu. Although I had beer, I think it's worth noting, they boast 119 wines and cocktails.

If you're out with friends, on a dinner date, or looking for a place the whole family can enjoy, La Casa Argentina is the place to be in Prague's old town.

Steve Meyers

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