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Prague Fear House, the first Fear House in Central Europe, is located a few steps from Wenceslas square in Vodičkova street. The street was named after a butcher, Mr. Vodička, who owned a shop midway between the horse market and the livestock market in the 15th century and perfomed bloody rituals and terrifying ceremonies with dead animals.

In 1930s, Karl Hermann, a German doctor, with his Jewish wife Judith and daughter Helga moved to the house.  The war started and Prague was not safe anymore for his family. He began constructing a dungeon where his wife and daughter would be kept. He officially renounced his wife and daughter and joined the SS. According to documents, he was working on a project called T4, which involved the euthanasia of psychologically impaired children. It is almost certain that many children were killed in his dungeon in Vodičkova street. He began practising occultist rituals and surgeries on his wife and daughter to make them Aryan. His sadistic theatre did not stop until the end of World War II.

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Local residents and visitors claim that they have heard strange voices and have seen things moving by themselves. Expert have measured paranormal activity and witnesses have experienced severe anxiety and panic, often demanding to leave.

The story behind this creepy house, murders, suicides, massacres, will give you shivers and nightmares.

Enter at your own risk...

  Prague Fear HousePrague Fear House
Vodickova 32, Prague 1

Opening hours:
Bar: Mo – Fr 02 PM – 12 PM, Sa – Su 12 AM – 12 PM
Prague Fear House: Mo – Fr 02 PM – 11 PM, Sa – Su 12 AM – 11 PM

TEL.: +420 606 065 110

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