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Magic Fountain


A spectacular open-air show by art group Pyroterra revives Křižik Fountain, a unique landmark and significant cultural site at Prague Exhibitions Grounds.

The original Czech performance, Magic Fountain, combines contemporary dance, acrobatics and a new circus with fire and state-of-the-art multimedia technology. The spectacular show boasts stunning flame effects, sophisticated dance and acrobatic choreography, historical inventions and extraordinary audiovisual effects on water. Inspired by the life of the Czech inventor and author of the fountain, František Křižík, the fascinating work of art will take place at Holesovice Exhibition Ground.

The "almost forgotten story of the man who lit up Prague" impresses the spectators with the powerful effects and energy of fire along with charming music written by the composer Juraj Klička. The vibrant story influenced by the "duel of the ancient element of fire and the modern power of electricity" marks the new stage of Křižik Fountain. "Embark on a journey through time with us, enjoy the story from the beginnings of humanity and the struggle between the powerful elements of fire and electricity that influenced the very origin of the magical fountain." invites viewers Marek Solnička.

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Show in Prague


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