May Festivals in Prague

In the Czech republic, May is regarded as the most romantic month of the year or „the time of love“ (the phrase used in a romantic poem „May“ by Karel Hynek Mácha). People often stroll through city parks and gardens and enjoy the nature awakening. It is customary to kiss girls under the tree in blossom on May 1. At this time of the year Prague offers numerous festivals and food & drink events.

Naplavka Praha
Traditional student´s spring celebrations called “Majáles” are held in May. These open-air festivals are boisterous celebrations of spring, love, student´s life. Prague Food Festival at the Royal gardens of the Prague castle, which is dedicated to promoting international and quality Czech cuisine, attracts large crowds.  There are excellent beer drinking opportunities in May in Prague, such as the Czech beer festivals in Letná park or Festival of small breweries at the Břevnov Monastery. Prague Náplavka (Hořejší, Dvořákovo, Rašínovo, Masarykovo nábřeží) comes alive for numerous events from dance parties, to parades to the family-friendly festivals,  e.g. Ratolest.  A cool block party called Korzo Krymská takes place in a picturesque Vršovice neighbourhood and includes concerts, theatre and dance performances, live DJs and activities for kids.

For the complete list of Prague May festivals, programmes and accompanying events, visit  “What´s on in Prague”.