The Revival of Drive-In Car Cinemas in Prague in 2022

The drive-in movie theaters in Prague are experiencing a small renaissance amid the coronavirus pandemic. Drive-in cinema screenings are being held all over the capital because it is the safest and the most comfortable way of seeing a movie and enjoying a unique cultural experience. In an effort to return art to public space, some abandoned and nearly-forgotten places in Prague have been transformed into outdoor drive-in movie theatres.

How does the drive-in work? First, visitors purchase an online electronic ticket to the selected movie and drive to the drive-in movie theatre. Second, they show their ticket to organizers before entering the area. Then they drive to a parking spot and stop their car at least two meters away from the last car. The movie's sound is broadcast over an FM radio frequency. To deliver the movie sound, spectators tune to a certain FM frequency of their car radio.
Here’s a complete overview of the drive-in cinemas in Prague in 2021.

Drive-in Cinema Ledárny
Equipped with a giant high definition outdoor screen, the 70 car drive-in in Branik district screens every Thursday and Friday from 8.30 p.m. It plays classic films, favourite retro movies as well as family-friendly options in their original languages with Czech subtitles. What makes this drive-in cinema so good? It is an extensive selection of delicious food and drinks, such as marinated calamari prepared on the charcoal grill, honest burgers, vegetarian specialties and quality beer and wine. It's all available to order via your mobile phone. If you like great food and movies, this small drive-in is the place you need to be. 

: From April 2021 every Thursday and Friday from 8.30 p.m.

Address: U Ledáren, Praha 4
Price: 399 CZK / car

Drive-in Car Cinema Strahov
Located at the Strahov Stadium in Prague 6, a car cinema Strahov with a capacity of 120 cars is perhabs the largest drive-in car cinema in Prague. The project aims to revive the area of the abandoned concrete landmark. The films are screened on a huge screen (13 x 6m) that consists of 9 shipping containers every day from 9.30 p.m. The cinema offers seats for guests, who came without their cars. Snacks and drinks are available on site.

Date: From May to September 2021, from 9.00 p.m.
Address: Zátopkova, Prague 6
Price: 350 CZK / car

Drive-in cinemas opened in 2020 that no longer operate in 2021:

Drive-in Car Cinema at Žižkov Freight Railway Station

Multi-genre Festival ArtParking Žižkov at the Žižkov Freight Railway Station provides an exceptional cultural experience - film screenings, theater performances, sports matches and concerts along with the fresh air and the comfort of your car. Movies are screened on a large format LED display (12 x 5 meters). Morning programmes starting at 11 a.m. cater for families with children. Afternoon and evening screenings begin at 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. The drive-in capacity of the outdoor cinema is 80 cars and tickets for the show can be purchased online.

Date: May, Drive-in car cinema from mid-June to September
Address: Jana Želivského, U Nákladového nádraží 2385/11, Prague 3
Price: 438 CZK / Car

Drive-in Car Cinema Dlabačov
Located in Břevnov district, a Car Cinema Dlabačov promises a mix of classic Czech movies and family-friendly blockbusters. Movies are screened on a wall of the Orea Hotel Pyramida and the projector is at the hotel car park. Café Dlabačov offers snacks and drinks and tickets must be purchased in advance.  

Bělohorská 24, 169 00 Prague 6
Price: 350 CZK / Car
Car Cinema Praha at Radlicka Parking
A Car Cinema Praha is located opposite the Sports Club Motorlet Praha in Radlicka street. Screenings are held twice a day thanks to a high-quality LED technology that allows daylight projections. Tickets along with the refreshment such as popcorn, nachos with guacamole or a hamburger with fries can be purchased online on the cinema's website. 

Date: Thursday - Sunday, from 7 p.m. and from 9.30 p.m.
Address: Radlicka parking, Radlická 298/105, Prague 5

Mercedes-Benz Arena

A new drive-in cinema with capacity of 100 cars was established on the premises of Letňany Exhibition Center PVA Expo Praha.
The large LED screen brings an outstanding image quality and operates in full daylight. Mercedes-Benz Areana provides amazing outdoor theater experiences twice a day. Each ticket includes popcorn and a soft drink.

Date: Daily from 6 p.m. and from 10 p.m.
Address: Výstaviště PVA Expo, Beranových 667, Prague Letňany
Price: from 400 CZK / Car


There are more drive-in cinemas that have been operating in Prague these days, for example a car cinema on the roof of Shopping Center Westfield Chodov, car cinemas in Horni Počernice o Dolni Měcholupy.

For updated information please visit the operator's website.

Drive-in car cinema in Horní Počernice -

Drive-in car cinema in Dolní Měcholupy -





NAVALIS 2024 - Saint Johns of Nepomuk Celebrations

Saint John´s Celebrations Navalis 2024
14.05.– 15.05. 2024

The 16th year of renewed festivities under the Charles Bridge in Prague with a three-hundred-year tradition!

Program – Tuesday, May 14, 2024
14.00-18.00 Venetian afternoon (beach at Hergetova Cihelna)

Program – Wednesday, May 15, 2024
14.30 Horse decoration (Hradčanské square)
16.30 Blessing of horses and riders (Hradčanské square)
17.30 Solemn Holy Mass in the St. Vitus Cathedral 
19.00 St. John's procession to the Charles Bridge
19.45 Vela al Terzo Regatta of Venetian boats, voyage of hardy people, jump of parachutists (Charles Bridge)
20.00 Devotion in front of the church of St. Františka (Křižovnické nám.)
20.30 Concert on the surface of the Vltava under the Charles Bridge

Navalis festivities commemorate Saint John of Nepomuk, a famous Christian martyr and a patron saint of the province of Bohemia. The celebrated Czech martyr is renowned as the patron saint of rivers and bridges as well as the protector against floods and natural disasters. One of the best-known statues of St. John of Nepomuk is located on the Charles bridge and dates back to the 17th century. These baroque celebrations, whose origins can be traced back to the first half of the 17th century, have been hugely well attended by the local community and pilgrims from all around the country. Navalis take place every year on the 15th of May, the day before the feast day of Saint John of Nepomuk.  

Linked to the original baroque tradition, contemporary celebrations include a ceremonial holy mass in St. Vitus cathedral, a procession, a baroque water concert with fireworks on the Vltava river, close to the Charles bridge.  Every year there are numerous special events, such as a folklore festival,  a regatta of historical and dragon boats, markets, lectures and exhibitions. Venetian gondoliers regularly take part in the event and amaze visitors with their captivating songs. Find more information and the program of celebrations in “What´s on in Prague”.

Find more information and the programme at

Prague Spring International Music Festival 2023

International Music Festival Prague Spring is the largest and the oldest classical music festival in the Czech republic, which showcases the most renowned performing artists, symphony orchestras and chamber music ensembles.

Smetanova síň di Obecní dům
The first festival was held in 1946 when the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra was celebrating its fiftieth anniversary. The Prague Spring begins annually on May 12, on the anniversary of the death of Bedřich Smetana, and ends on June 2. Visitors can enjoy classical music, jazz, world and experimental music of the highest artistic quality in the unique concert venues, such as the Smetana Hall of the Municipal House or Rudolfinum's Dvořák Hall. The festival traditionally opens with the cycle of six tone poems, entitled Má Vlast (My Country) and closes with Ludwig van Beethoven´s Symphony No. 9. The official festival's web site notes that the festival has witnessed tempestuous times, political and social upheavals, important cultural and historical events and music taste changes but it always found enough listeners willing to appreciate the real artistic quality.

The 78th Prague Spring International Music Festival, the largest and oldest festival of classical music in the Czech Republic, will take place from May 12 to June 2, 2023.

The resident artist of the Prague Spring will be violist Antoine Tamestit, who will perform at four concerts.

The Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra will be led by Daniel Harding, the Essen Philharmonic will come
with its chief conductor Tomáš Netopil. Czech orchestras will be conducted by John Adams, Klaus Mäkelä or Oksana Lyniv.

Old music will be represented by Les Talens Lyriques with its founder Christophe Rousset, harpsichordist Jean Rondeau or countertenor Andreas Scholl.

The festival will continue the tradition of closing concerts with a program of Beethoven's Ninth under the baton of Christoph Eschenbach.

Find tickets, programme and more information at

May Festivals in Prague

In the Czech republic, May is regarded as the most romantic month of the year or „the time of love“ (the phrase used in a romantic poem „May“ by Karel Hynek Mácha). People often stroll through city parks and gardens and enjoy the nature awakening. It is customary to kiss girls under the tree in blossom on May 1. At this time of the year Prague offers numerous festivals and food & drink events.

Naplavka Praha
Traditional student´s spring celebrations called “Majáles” are held in May. These open-air festivals are boisterous celebrations of spring, love, student´s life. Prague Food Festival at the Royal gardens of the Prague castle, which is dedicated to promoting international and quality Czech cuisine, attracts large crowds.  There are excellent beer drinking opportunities in May in Prague, such as the Czech beer festivals in Letná park or Festival of small breweries at the Břevnov Monastery. Prague Náplavka (Hořejší, Dvořákovo, Rašínovo, Masarykovo nábřeží) comes alive for numerous events from dance parties, to parades to the family-friendly festivals,  e.g. Ratolest.  A cool block party called Korzo Krymská takes place in a picturesque Vršovice neighbourhood and includes concerts, theatre and dance performances, live DJs and activities for kids.

For the complete list of Prague May festivals, programmes and accompanying events, visit  “What´s on in Prague”.