Halloween in Prague

In the Czech republic people celebrate All Souls´ Day (Dušičky) or The Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed.  The annual celebration is held on November 2, the day after All Saints´ Day. Fresh flowers and wreaths are placed on the graves and candles are lit in order to kindle a light for the dead souls. The visit of Olšany, Vinohrady or Vyšehrad cemetery with all the candle lights twinkling in the dark is very atmospheric.

Although the Czech republic does not celebrate Halloween as lavishly as the United States, Prague with its beautiful ancient buildings, chilling backstreets and shadowy corners is a great place to spend October 31. Numerous events including the iconic Trick-or-treating, flamboyant parades, carnivals, storytelling festivals, themed fairs and markets, pumpkin carving workshops take place all over the city.  

Prague nightlife boasts an excellent choice of celebrations, ghoulish and club events during this time of the year. For the best Halloween parties in Prague and other captivating events suitable for all tastes see “What´s on in Prague”. Halloween celebrations in Prague in local bars and clubs are sexy, cool and have a mysterious allure as the city itself.

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