Adršpach – Teplice rocks, a unique set of sandstone formations, are located in the north-eastern Bohemia, about 170  km from Prague, close to Polish borders. They were named after two towns in the heart of the district – Teplice nad Metují and Adršpach.  An impressive beauty of Adršpach rock town, splendid lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and a fairy-tale scenery of sandstone rock formations attract more than 250.000 visitors per year. Travellers can enjoy a boat rides on the Metuje river or admire the amazing panoramic views and stony labyrinths from the rented boat.

The region offers plenty of accommodation and dining options. It is a perfect place for families, schools or sport enthusiasts. There are excellent hiking and rock climbing conditions.

  Adršpach - Teplice rocks
(Teplicko – Adršpašské skály)

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