A famous spa city, named after its founder the King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV., is located in western Bohemia, about 130 km from Prague. Established in 1370, the town has always been a popular destination due to a healing power of its hot thermal springs. It features 13 main hot springs and over 300 smaller springs. It is an elegant, beautiful and vibrant city, which offers numerous attractions, monuments, thermal buildings and spa treatments, restaurants, hotels and sporting opportunities.

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival is definitely number one cultural event of the year. It takes place in July and is attended by thousands of film fans, industry professionals, celebrities and local residents. World famous herbal bitter Becherovka  is produced in Karlovy Vary. This delicious, spicy and unique liquor has also its own museum in the city.

A high quality and luxury Moser glass (decorative glassware and luxury glass gifts) is manufactured here.Whether it is a spa treatment, a swim in a pool with a panoramic view above the city or just a café in a promenade restaurant, it will be an experience worth having. Karlovy Vary is a unique city with a unique atmosphere, well worth discovering.

  Karlovy Vary (Carsbad)

Opening hours: n/a

Entrance fee: n/a

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Web: www.karlovy-vary.cz
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