Kutná Hora
is a an ancient silver mining town, located in the central Bohemian region, about 70 km from Prague. The history of the city dates back into the XIII century, when its population grew quickly as the silver fewer took hold. In the XIV century, Kutná Hora became an important political, economic, and cultural power and gained the international renown due to its production of Bohemian coins (Praguegroschen) and king Wenceslas II. issued a new royal mining code – a legal document, which specified conditions for silver mining and processing.

St. Barbara´s Cathedral (1388), a magnificent gothic church devoted to the patroness of miners, is the most dominant feature of the town. Other significant sights include an Italian Court, a former royal residence and a mint from the XIII century, a Marian column, a Jesuit College, and a church of St. James.  Another notable monument is the Sedlec ossuary (Kostnice), a Roman Catholic chapel, which contains the bones and skeletons of 40.000 to 70.000 people.
The historical city centre, Cathedral of St. Barbara and the Cathedral of Our Lady at the neighbouring town Sedlec are UNESCO world heritage sites. Away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, a peaceful stroll through downtown Kutná Hora offers stunning views of the cathedral and surrounding countryside. As you walk through tiny streets you can stop in one of numerous restaurants and taste a traditional Czech dish. Both children and adults can enjoy a guided tour of the Museum of Mining and a visit into a former mediaeval mine. Kutná Hora hosts several festivals each year, the Silver Mining Festival, Music festival and St. Wenceslas Winemaking festival.

  Kutná Hora

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Web: www.kutnahora.cz
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