Mariánské lázně, situated in western Bohemia, is a jewel of Czech spa towns. A Neo-classical and Art-Noveau spa town is set amongst mountains and boasts some beautiful scenery and a large variety of attractions. It is a charming, peaceful, lush green oasis with a large number of trees, parks, shrubs and flower beds. A high quality spa treatments, over 140 therapeutic carbon dioxide springs, an amazing architecture, a beautiful clean nature and numerous cultural, social and sporting possibilities make it a very popular tourist destination.

A neo-baroque cast-iron Main Colonnade from 1889 is a dominant feature and city´s famous landmark. Adjacent to the Main Colonnade there is a singing fountain, a round pool with 250 water jets, which reaches the height of 6 meters. Visitors can enjoy light performances with the music of Smetana, Dvořák, Bach or Mozart every odd hour from October till May. The city is also known for the production of spa wafers, which are always served fresh and warm.

It is a romantic and impressive town, which is hardly ever visited only once in a lifetime. It has something for everybody – ski slopes, tennis courts, swimming pools, fitness centres for sport fans, a golf course for golf enthusiasts, a deer, miniature and geological park for families with children and concert halls and art galleries for culture lovers.

  Mariánské Lázně (Marienbad)

Opening hours: n/a

Entrance fee: n/a

TEL.: n/a

Email: n/a

Web: www.marianske-lazne.info


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