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Prague's Imago Mundi is the best little cocktail bar on the river. When I say "on the river", I mean on the river. This tiny (25 seat) cocktail bar is floating on the Vltava.

When brothers and business partners Daniel and Matous Vilim bought the hull and began building it up from the water, the idea was to make a living space. The idea of making it into a bar was an afterthought and was originally going to be a private spot just for friends. Daniel and Matous soon realized that in order to do it right, they would need paying customers so in August of 2017, Imago Mundi was open to the public.

Imago Mundi Prague, cocktails that will float your boat
The interior is all wood, giving the already cosy space an even more warm and comfortable feel. From one side of the boat you can see the beautiful buildings along Rašinovo Nabřeži, the other side, the river and opposing bank. The window behind the bar perfectly framed Prague Castle, lit up in the night like a postcard, with trams passing in front of it on a nearby bridge. It is a great setting and very distinctly Prague. There is no question Imago Mundi is a charming space and a unique Prague experience but the real story here are cocktails.

Imago Mundi's resident mix master is Pavel Sochor. Pavel spent years working in some world famous bars in London and Edinburgh, honing his cocktail skills. Now he's back in the Czech Republic to give the cocktail competition a run for their money.

Imago Mundi cocktail bar Prague boat
Pavel is always happy to make you your favourite classic cocktail. He'll make you the rustiest Rusty Nail, or the slowest Sloe Gin Fizz but I recommend you try one of Imago Mundi's signature cocktails.

All the cocktails on the menu are unique to Imago Mundi and created by Pavel Sochor. Pavel pours years of experience and knowledge into every drink. They are not just cocktails, they are living things. These cocktails have a history, a nationality and a personality. Pavel knows their stories because he wrote them.

Imago Mundi Prague, cocktails that will float your boat
So go to Imago Mundi for the view, go for the unique setting and stay for the cocktails.

Imago Mundi is docked along Náplavka and opens between  18:00 and 00:30 Tuesday to Saturday. They are perfect for private parties, receptions, corporate events, etc... and they will do cruises on the Vltava for private events but if they set sail, there is a 20 person limit.

Steve Meyers

  Imago Mundi PragueImago Mundi Prague
Náplavka, Rašínovo nábřeží, Prague 2

Opening Hours:

Tue - Sat: 6.00 p.m. - 0.30 a.m.

Tel: +420 725 477 446, +420 773 203 011

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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