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Fun and education in Prague
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Výstaviště Prague

 Praha 7
A high quality leisure, sports and event centre, Výstaviště Prague, is located in close proximity to the Stromovka park in Holesovice. It hosts cultural, sporting, music events and festivals as well as international trade fairs for all age groups. More Info

Prague Market

Shopping, Culture and Free time activities
 Praha 7
The Prague Market area, a culturally protected monument since 1993, was originally created as the Central Slaughterhouse of the Royal City of Prague. More Info

Majaland Prague

Fantastic fun like your children have never experienced before
 Tuchoměřice, Středočeský kraj
The Outlet and Entertainment Center POP Airport near Václav Havel Airport houses Majaland Prague. More Info

Dinosauria Museum Prague

Explore a mysterious world of dinosaurs
 Tuchoměřice, Středočeský kraj
The Outlet and Entertainment Center POP Airport near Václav Havel Airport houses Dinosauria Museum Prague – a world unique museum where dinosaurs are brought back to life! More Info

Divr Labs

The Ultimate Virtual Reality Experience
 Praha 1
Divr Labs offers an unparalleled adventure experience for those seeking excitement and the unknown. More Info


 Praha 1
Laser game or Laser tag is a fun, intense and adrenaline game similar to paintball. Luckily, players do not end up with bruises and paint-stained clothes. More Info

Children's world Maxíkov

 Praha 14
It spreads across 450 m2, which means that as much as 230 children can play simultaneously there, from babies to 11 years old children. Playground consists of 4 special zones each offering a different kind of adventure and entertainment. More Info

Divadlo kouzel Pavla Kožíška

Only in Czech More Info

Mirror Labyrinth

Original fun for the whole family!
Maybe you have been in a mirror maze before but it will most likely be your first visit to the magical maze! You will find yourselves immersed within a labyrinth of 70 large-scale mirrors that will both amaze and entertain! More Info

Mysteria Pragensia

Two mysterious faces of Prague in two museums
 Praha 1
Both museums aim to entertain kids and students as well as adults. More Info

Žluté lázně

 Praha 4
Area of Žluté lázně is a unique space in Prague, which boasts an amazing position on the Vltava river and a wide range of sporting and recreational activities. More Info

Crocodile Zoo Prague

 Praha 7
Located in the center of Prague, Crocodile Zoo Prague boasts a unique collection of 30 reptiles including 11 types of caimans, crocodiles and alligators from four different continents. More Info

Environmental Center - Ekocentrum Prales

 Praha 19
Located in the northeastern part of Prague in Kbely district, an Ecological Center Prales is a place for recreation, environmental education and nature walks. More Info

Mini zoo at Chuchle Grove (Chuchelský háj)

 Praha 5
Located in the Nature Park Chuchle Grove, a large forest complex between Mala Chuchle and Velka Chuchle, a mini zoo is a magical place for children and a perfect spot for all little explorers. More Info

Dino park

 Praha 9
Dino park is located on the roof of the Galerie Harfa shopping mall, next to the O2 Arena. It is a real treat for children, adults and dinosaurs enthusiasts alike. More Info

Lookout Tower Doubravka XIV. at Cerny most

 Praha 14
Built in 2017 and 2018, a Lookout Tower Doubravka XIV. is located on the Horka hill in Cihadla nature park in Prague 14. The author of the new dominant feature of this district is the renowned Czech architect Martin Rajniš with his team. More Info

Parukářka for kids

 Praha 3
With its tall greenery and diverse activities ranging from cycling and jogging to baseball and table tennis, Parukářka is one of the Prague´s most visited parks. More Info

The station of young biologists

 Praha 5
The station of young biologists features an English, Alpine, and a botanic garden, greenhouses, an educational path, and an exposition of reptiles, a tropical terrarium with snakes, crocodiles and turtles, a mini zoo with goats, ponies and birds. More Info

Sport and Relaxation area Gutovka

 Praha 10
Gutovka area is a perfect place for sports lovers and families, who like to combine relaxation, entertainment and sport activities. It is located in Prague 10, only 3 minutes walk from the metro or tram station. More Info

Malešický park

 Praha 10
Malešický park, a true paradise for kids, offers a clean, safe and stimulating environment for children of all ages. More Info

Yamaha Music schools

 Praha 1
Yamaha school specializes in teaching music to babies (4 – 18 months), toddlers (18 month – 4 years) and pre-school children (4 – 6). A research proved that at this age children ears are most receptive to the musical development. More Info

Muddum – ceramic workshop, gallery and shop

 Praha 7
Muddum is located in a quiet zone near park, in Prague 7, and includes a pottery workshop, a gallery and a shop specializing in handmade ceramics. More Info

Open Art workshop for children in Veletžní palace

 Praha 7
The gallery of Veletržní palace invites families with chidren to explore its spaces as a playroom where they can “create, play and let themselves be inspired by art”. More Info

Toulcův Dvůr - Environmental education centre

 Praha 10
A farm estate Toulcův Dvůr, a perfect place for families with children, aims to provide ecological education and increase environmental awareness. More Info

Paleček family centre

 Praha 3
Located in the residential area of Vinohrady, Paleček family centre is a safe and stimulating space for children and parents with a large playroom, a small café, a toddlers area, an internet access, a fully-equipped kitchen. More Info

Mirror maze Prague

 Praha 1
Mirror maze is located in the Petřín hill, in a beautiful neo-gothic building, which is resembles a miniature castle. It is a popular funny attraction, which uses 38 huge mirrors to create visual distortions. More Info

Historical tram line no. 41 in Prague

Historical tram line no. 41 belongs among popular tourist attractions. This historical tram line no. 41 is available on weekend and holidays from 25th March till the 19th of November, from 12.00 – 5.00 p.m., in one hour interval. More Info

Prague zoo (Zoologická zahrada)

 Praha 7
Prague zoo, located in Troja district in the north of the city, is rightfully considered one the world´s best zoos. It gives home to 670 animal species, which comprises about 4.400 animals. More Info

Botanic garden (Botanická zahrada)

 Praha 7
Prague botanic garden lies in the north of the city, near the Vltava river and zoo. It features tropical greenhouse, historical vineyard of St. Claire with small chapel, open air expositions, Japanese garden, educational path and children playground. More Info