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Playground - U Vodárny

 Praha 2
A very popular wooden playground, situated in the residential area of Vinohrady, is large and spread out. Since it is located in the middle of a park full of trees, there is plenty of shade. More Info

Playground - Na Výtoni

 Praha 2
A playground Na Výtoni, located on the bank of the Vltava river, is fenced, permanently guarded, well-equipped and well-kept. More Info

Playground - Vyšehrad

 Praha 2 - Vyšehrad
This beautiful wooden playground is located inside the Vyšehrad fortess. Vyšehrad is a perfect place for families because of its large green spaces, full-grown trees, lawns, 2 restaurants with a terrace, 2 cafés, an open air pub, a picnic area. More Info

Playground Folimanka

 Praha 2
A playground is located in the Folimanka park, along the Botič river and Nusle bridge. More Info

Playground “At the Dragon” - Riegrovy sady

 Praha 2
At the Dragon playground is a newly reconstructed, secure, fenced and permanently guarded. The dominant feature of the playground is a climbing frame with a slide in the shape of dragon. More Info

Havlíčkovy sady – Upper playground

 Praha 2
It is a popular place for families because there is a children-friendly, non-smoking café, a stalactite cave “Grotta”, a vineyard with gazebo, 2 well-maintained playgrounds and an abundance of beautiful green spaces. More Info