Prague's natural spaces – Natural Park Říčanka with kids

Located on the eastern border of Prague on the areas of Běchovice, Dubeč and Uhříněves, Natural Park Říčanka, is one of the oldest nature reserves in the city. It is a spectacular landscape rich in history and wildlife. The blue walking trail and an educational path called Dubeč – Uhříněves were created in order to provide an outdoor education experience. It boasts three Specially Protected Areas: the Quarry Rohožík in Dubeč, Lítožnice (a system of ponds, adjacent forest complexes, meadows and valleys around the Ricansky brook) and Uhříněves Game Preserve. Visitors are attracted mainly by its beautiful nature - floodplain forests, flowering meadows, clean natural springs, ponds and picturesque routes along  the stream. It is a perfect place for hiking, sports and leisure activities. Most of the routes are suitable for prams and bikes.

Dubeč educational trail leads from the pond "V Rohožníku" along the prehistoric housing estate and the quarry Rohožník to Podlesky Millhouse and Uhříněves Game Preserve. The marked station no. 2 called Quarry in Dubeč (Lom V Dubči) is a convenient starting point and it is easy to park the car there.  You may be lucky enough to spot foxes as there is a fox´s den close to the second stop.  The stony path will take you to the fishing pond V Rohožníku (stop no. 3). The tiny pathway along its shore leads to the station no. 4 - Natural Park Říčanka (Přírodní park Říčanka). If you walk along its shore, you will reach the station no. 4 – Natural Park Říčanka (Přírodní park Říčanka).

A narrow lane along the meadow takes you up to the forest  and to the 5th station - Natural Landmark Rohožník (PP Rohožník). A woody hillock Rohožník is a protected heritage asset and an important archaeological site with rich finds of pottery and tools from a period of the first settlements in the Neolithic Age.  Situated on a boundary of a hillside and a meadow, the stop no. 6 - Prehistoric settlements (Pravěká sídliště) introduces one of the longest inhabited places of the area. This settlement has been established in the Eneolithic period about 2000 B.C.E.

The stop no. 7 - Under a quarry (Pod lomem) is located near a border of a forest and a playground for outdoor sports. The quarry Rohožník in Dubeč consists of two separate protected areas and represents a unique geomorphological phenomenon. The abandoned quarry on the rocky ridge of Rohožník is worthy of closer inspection. It has a unique outcropping of quartzites and horizontal milling on its walls.

If you take a beautiful pathway along the brook and the meadow, you will come to a concrete ford and the station no. 8 -  On the Bank of Říčanka  (Na břehu Říčanky).

Proceeding through the grassland along the brook, you will pass by a concrete bridge and see a blue tourist sign that will bring to the stop no. 9 - Podlesky Millhouse (U Podleského mlýna). The breeding of European deer is situated under the dam and behind the stream. Right next to the millhouse you can spot horses. Podlesky lake and its surrounding lands are home to all kinds of birds, fish, other animals and plants. There are several old oaks on the 200-meter-long dam and the largest of these memorable trees is over 6 meters in circumference. At this point, you can continue from the 10th stop - At Podlesak Lake (U rybníka Podlesák) to the Uhříněves Game Preserve - a floodplain forest complex. Another option is to set off towards to the Natural Labyrinth in the area of the former Manor Garden in Dubeč.

The most appealing part for children is perhabs the area of Manor Garden (Panská zahrada) with a playground and a natural labyrinth located near the former fortress. The garden includes a grotto, a bush maze, a lookout point above the the vineyard and a meditation meadow along with a watercourse. A straight path from the area of the Manor Garden leads to the Natural Landmark Lítožnice - a system of three ponds with adjacent meadows around Říčanský stream and a valuable biotope for birds, vertebrates and insects.