There are a number of gentlemen's clubs in this city but Goldfingers' reputation for presenting the most beautiful women in Prague is backed up by at least one friend who has been to them all. Trust me, this friend has spent a lot of time in Prague's many strip bars and gentlemen's clubs and I would be inclined to trust his opinions on such matters but I felt compelled to see for myself.

Goldfingers is in a prime location at the bottom of Wenceslas Square, under the beautiful Ambassador Hotel. The entrance is at the end of a long passage way. You enter and take a few steps down to the coat check area and a few more to the show room.

The show room at Goldfingers is ellegant and spacious. The stage seems to dominate the room but there are a good number of tables, all with great views of the action. There is a small bar off to one side where you could sit alone and see the show but the best views are from the tables surrounding the stage.

Goldfingers Prague
I arrived at Goldfingers just as they opened for the evening in order to take in as much of the show as possible. In the beginning it was pretty much what you'd expect to see, a beautiful woman comes out and slowly disrobes over the course of three songs, then another, then another, until it's a parade of naked beauty.
Let's face it, Prague is a city full of gorgeous women and with Goldfinger's reputation for class and exquisite beauty there is every reason to expect the best show in town. I was not disappointed.

Soon they were coming out two at a time, then three, then four. The stage was constantly occupied by one or more naked nubile enchantress. I was struck by the variety of comely lasses taking the stage. First an Arab beauty, then a Pole, an Asian, a Latina lovely, a stunning Russian princess...It was like a United Nations of nudity. Some of the girls were such polished pole dancers that their hair raising acrobatics had me on the edge of my seat.

Goldfinger Prague
Goldfingers' stage is primarily devoted to exotic dancers like you'd find in many places around Prague or the world for that matter but there is more to Goldfingers' show than your standard strip bar. In addition to the best exotic dancers in Prague, Goldfingers presents specialty performers like acrobats and ballet dancers as well as a troop of cabaret dancers. Clearly it's important to Goldfingers that their patrons get a real show with genuine entertainment as well as more than just a little titillation. The night I was there I counted over 25 different women, not including the lovely and efficient bar staff, but I'm told that on weekends there are as many as 50 women taking the stage throughout the night.

Goldfingers is perfect for your next stag night or if you're just out on the town with a couple of friends. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed and a great place to be any night of the week. 

Goldfinger Prague
Check out their website for more details, learn about their special offers or to book a table and tip your waitress, they're working hard too.

Steve Meyers

  Goldfingers PragueGoldfingers Prague
Václavské náměstí 5, Prague 1

Opening hours:
Sun – Thu 8.30 p.m. – 5.00 a.m.
Fri + Sat 8.30 p.m. – 6.00 a.m.

TEL.: +420 739 123 123

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Prague's Imago Mundi is the best little cocktail bar on the river. When I say "on the river", I mean on the river. This tiny (25 seat) cocktail bar is floating on the Vltava.

When brothers and business partners Daniel and Matous Vilim bought the hull and began building it up from the water, the idea was to make a living space. The idea of making it into a bar was an afterthought and was originally going to be a private spot just for friends. Daniel and Matous soon realized that in order to do it right, they would need paying customers so in August of 2017, Imago Mundi was open to the public.

Imago Mundi Prague, cocktails that will float your boat
The interior is all wood, giving the already cosy space an even more warm and comfortable feel. From one side of the boat you can see the beautiful buildings along Rašinovo Nabřeži, the other side, the river and opposing bank. The window behind the bar perfectly framed Prague Castle, lit up in the night like a postcard, with trams passing in front of it on a nearby bridge. It is a great setting and very distinctly Prague. There is no question Imago Mundi is a charming space and a unique Prague experience but the real story here are cocktails.

Imago Mundi's resident mix master is Pavel Sochor. Pavel spent years working in some world famous bars in London and Edinburgh, honing his cocktail skills. Now he's back in the Czech Republic to give the cocktail competition a run for their money.

Imago Mundi cocktail bar Prague boat
Pavel is always happy to make you your favourite classic cocktail. He'll make you the rustiest Rusty Nail, or the slowest Sloe Gin Fizz but I recommend you try one of Imago Mundi's signature cocktails.

All the cocktails on the menu are unique to Imago Mundi and created by Pavel Sochor. Pavel pours years of experience and knowledge into every drink. They are not just cocktails, they are living things. These cocktails have a history, a nationality and a personality. Pavel knows their stories because he wrote them.

Imago Mundi Prague, cocktails that will float your boat
So go to Imago Mundi for the view, go for the unique setting and stay for the cocktails.

Imago Mundi is docked along Náplavka and opens between  18:00 and 00:30 Tuesday to Saturday. They are perfect for private parties, receptions, corporate events, etc... and they will do cruises on the Vltava for private events but if they set sail, there is a 20 person limit.

Steve Meyers

  Imago Mundi PragueImago Mundi Prague
Náplavka, Rašínovo nábřeží, Prague 2

Opening Hours:

Tue - Sat: 6.00 p.m. - 0.30 a.m.

Tel: +420 725 477 446, +420 773 203 011

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Cocktails, dancing girls and great balls of fire.

A quick glance at the Coyotes Prague web site, / tells you much of what you need to know about the place.

Over 100 cocktails, (I was told 170), beautiful girls dancing on the bar, a great menu, beautiful girls dancing on the bar, it's located right in the center of Prague and every hour there are beautiful girls dancing on the bar.

Coyotes Prague bar
What more is there to know? I took a walk down to old town to find out.

Coyotes Prague is nestled in a corner of Male namesti, (the little square just off the main old town square) so even if it's your first visit to Prague, you'll have no trouble finding it. In fact you'll probably walk by it five times in your first couple of days of sightseeing and souvenir shopping.

The party was in full swing when we arrived and the place was packed. Fortunately I had arranged to meet with the manager, Martina Cseri who was busy managing the staff, dealing with the patrons and occasionally dancing on the bar but she took some time to give me a little background on the place.

Coyotes Prague bar
We arrived just in time for the first show of the evening. Four young women who had just moments before been pouring drinks and carrying trays, were now atop the bar doing synchronized dance moves to a Shania Twain song. The crowd of mostly young men cheered and whooped their approval. When the song ended the women climbed down from the bar, (no easy feat in itself) and went back to expertly dispensing alcohol.

As the noise in the room subsided to a dull roar, I was able to sit with Martina again and learn a little more about Coyotes Prague. She told me the staff consists of about 25 women. They start out as waitresses or day time staff and must work their way up to night bar tender. Once they reach the position of night bar tender they have to learn the dance routines as well as taking lessons in "flare". Flare is that fancy bottle spinning stuff they do when they make drinks, (think Tom Cruise and Bryan Brown in Cocktail).

There are still a few stag party groups roaming Prague's streets and many will invariably end up here. It's the perfect venue for a bachelor party in Prague.

At one point in the evening a young man was summoned to the bar. He was encouraged by the staff to climb up and kneel on the bar while a bartender stood over him, pouring some cocktail concoction down his throat from a bottle. He must have been part of a stag group because he was wearing a dress. The dress was cute but it did nothing for his globe-ish frame and frankly it was a little too short and low cut to be appropriate for such a cool spring evening.

Coyotes Prague bar
This sort of thing went on for hours. Beautiful bartenders dancing on the bar and pouring cocktails down patron's throats while the music pumped and the crowd cheered. It seemed it would go on all night but I certainly wouldn't. We had a baby sitter waiting for us at home and it was after midnight so I sought out Martina to thank her and say good bye. "You can't leave" she said, "You have to stay for the fire show." So I ordered another beer. Who leaves before a fire show?

There's a lot of fire in the fire show, as you might imagine. Flaming shots, flaming bottles and giant balls of fire expelled from the mouths of tiny bartenders. The heat was intense from where I was sitting I can't imagine what it must have been like for the performers. I don't know how they train for spitting fire but I think you would either get good at it right away or you'd get good at drawing your eyebrows back on.

As the fire show ended to the most thunderous applause of the evening. I snuffed out my smouldering tie, we bid our adieus and found our way to the exit. Though still bustling well after midnight, Old Town Square seemed peaceful and sleepy compared what was going on inside Coyotes Prague and there was no indication that the action inside Coyotes Prague was winding down any time soon. I left convinced that a mere three hours was not long enough to truly experience everything Coyotes Prague has to offer. I never even sampled their wonderful menu. "I'll go back", I thought, "maybe tomorrow." The breakfast menu looked fantastic.

Steve Meyers

  Coyotes Prague bar Coyotes Prague
Malé náměstí 143/2, Prague 1

Opening hours:
October - April 6 p.m. - 4 a.m.
May - September 12 p.m. to 4 a.m.

TEL.: +420 224 216 000

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



    If you're looking for somewhere to eat in Prague, you'll find no shortage of fine establishments in the centre, but finding something unique can be difficult. The Buddha-Bar at Jakubská 649/8 is unique. It's fine dining in Prague with a modern and diverse fusion menu. The Buddha-Bar is located in the heart of Prague's historic Old Town.

    As you enter the Buddha-Bar and decend the stairs to the main dining room, you are enveloped by the dimly lit elegance. As your eyes adjust, the decorative details begin to come into focus. The interior is a grand space with the refined charm of another era. The black and red colour scheme and the tassels on the lamps offer subtle hints at an Asian motif but when you enter the dining room and see a four meter high statue of a sitting Buddha, surrounded by a thousand lotus flowers, clearly, they are done hinting.

The Buddha-Bar is a true Prague experience

    The menu does more than hint at Asian cuisine as well. They have a very good sushi menu, a few touches of China and India and a nice selection of Thai. All falling into what the Buddha-Bar refers to as "Pacific Rim cuisine" and they subtly combine it with what they refer to as "the zest of the west". The Buddha-Bar's western zest comes in the form of Beef Tenderloin, Duck Breast with Truffle sauce or the Buddha-Bar Chicken Salad.
I was delighted with the options but I was having a little trouble deciding. Fortunately, my server was patient, friendly and made no effort to rush me. Ultimately she suggested  that I go with a tasting menu called "Chef Experience". It's a five course meal featuring various items from the menu. I started off with Sea Bass Tar Tar with Lemon Grass. It was beautifuly prepared and presented and went incredibly well with the Austrian Riesling, also recommended by my server. Next was a tray containing variations of Duck Foie Gras. I can't honestly say that I'm a foie gras enthusiast but I thoroughly enjoyed every bite. Each variation was different in taste, texture and presentation. The third course was Thai style red curry with shrimp and vegetables. I'm a sucker for anything curry but I was most impressed by how well this drastically different taste fits so well into the evening's mosaic of flavour. The Beef Tenderloin with Pepper Sauce was next and it was predictably exquisite.

The Buddha-Bar Prague
    Taking time between courses to peruse the crowd, I saw tourists and out of towners who were either drawn here by the Buddha-Bar's great revues or just got tiered of Goulash and beer, (note to reader, Goulash and beer are great in Prague but you can get too much of a good thing). There was a healthy crowd of local expats and Czechs, whose discerning tastes and wariness of tourist traps generally keep them away from the Old Town but they are, no doubt, drawn here by the Buddha-Bar's stellar reputation in Prague. It is especially effective for impressing visiting family members or first dates.

    Finally the dessert was served. Actually to say it was "served" is a bit of an understatement. It was Chocolate Passion Fruit with Coconut prepared at the table. A gentleman approached our table, wheeling a cart with glass bowls, dry ice and some other ingredients. He created the dish in front of us with a presentation that was as much winning science fair entry as culinary but as you might expect, the resulting dessert was tremendous.

The Buddha-Bar Prague nightlife
    As I finished my coffee I realized I'd been there for two hours but I felt like I'd just walked through the door. I wanted to linger at the table with an after dinner cocktail but decided to go upstairs to the bar instead. It was Friday so the bar was hopping but I got the impression you might find it hopping any night of the week. The Buddha-Bar has an extensive wine and cocktail list, the kind of selection you would expect from an establishment of this caliber. Their variety of Rum is worthy of note but it's not uncommon to have a good selection of Rum in Prague bars. It was their list of Whiskeys that really caught my eye. I counted 16 different Whiskeys from Scotland alone. I've been to "Whiskey Bars" in Prague that can't boast that kind of selection.

    The Buddha-Bar is a true Prague experience. Delicious food in an atmosphere that is relaxed but still stylish and dignified. The cover page of their menu lays out their manifesto and sums it up nicely, The Buddha-Bar offers you an "exciting and contemporary update to nouvelle cuisine to delight the taste buds and the eyes".

Steve Meyers


Jakubská 8, Prague 1

Opening hours:
Tuesday - Saturday from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m.

TEL.: +420 221 776 400

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




    The Hard Rock Cafe Prague is located in Malé náměstí, that tiny square just off  Prague`s world famous Old Town square. The exterior fits in nicely with the quaint old world beauty of the little square. The interior has been completely renovated with a sleek, modern feel but they`ve managed to maintain much of the space`s old charm and character.

    The thing about the Hard Rock Cafe is, it`s more than a restaurant, it`s a museum of rock and roll memorabilia. I`ve been to a few Hard Rock Cafes in different cities and I find that no matter how jaded or unimpressed you intend to be, something will peak your interest. You`ll look up and see a Les Paul mounted behind plexi glass that was once held by Chuck Berry or Joan Jett or whoever rocked your teenage years, and then they have you. On the way to your table, your eyes dart from Paul Stanley`s guitar to Marylin Manson's jacket, to Velvet Revolver's drum kit. Once you're seated, (perhaps under a pair of boots worn by Michael Mckeon in Spinal Tap), it's difficult to focus on your menu because you find yourself scaring the room from your new vantage point. Every trip to the washroom is a treasure hunt for rock and roll artefacts; a vest worn by Ozzy Osbourne in the eighties, a drawing by Jimy Hendrix from the sixties and so many guitars.

   At some point hunger begins to win out over curiosity and your attention will be drawn back to the menu. As an expat living in Prague I miss food. Don't get me wrong, I eat well here and I've think I've adapted well to Czech food and eating habits but after eight years in Prague, a good burger is a luxury. The whole North American menu is a treat. The Hard Rock Cafe Prague has a great selection of appetizers from classic nachos to bruschetta  and everything in-between like wings, potato skins and dips. The main courses are big hardy portions of salmon, steak, chicken and shrimp that taste like home. They have ribs, barbecued chicken, fajitas and of course, burgers. I tried a new appetizer that they had that night, a kind of flat bread pizza. It was delicious. For the main course I went with the classic club sandwich. Not the most glamorous item on the menu, I know but it's downright exotic in the restaurants I normally frequent here in Prague. The classic club did not disappoint. After over indulging on the appetizer and conquering that giant sandwich perused the desert menu simply out of curiosity. As tempting a selection as it was, there was no room in me for even a wafer thin mint.

    The Hard Rock Cafe, Prague had an extensive cocktail menu and in my younger days i would have been tempted to sample one or six but on this evening, I went with beer. Beer is generally good in the Czech Republic and never a bad choice when deciding on a beverage in any restaurant in Prague. The moment I took the first sip, I could tell it was from a tank. For those of you unfamiliar with "tank beer" or "tankovna" it is basically unpasteurized. The beer you buy from a bottle or keg has to be heated to about 60 degrees for 20 to 35 minutes which diminishes the taste. Tankovna beer is not pasteurized, the temperature is controlled from brewery to truck to the bar's tank and the taste is outstanding.

    As good as the food and the beer is, (and they're very good), it's the service that sets The Hard Rock Cafe apart from most restaurants in the city. Let's face it, Prague is not known for good service. It gets better all the time and there have always been restaurants that cater mostly to tourists and make great efforts to provide good service but The Hard Rock has them beat. From the first interaction with the reservations desk the staff were friendly, courteous and helpful. Always making us feel genuinely welcome and appreciated.

   The evening we were there the music was provided by local favourite, Justin Lavash. Justin's soulful acoustic blues fit the feel of the place and the sound was great, especially considering the size of the venue.

    While working on my third beer and digesting my giant sandwich it occurred to me that because of its large size and many levels, the Hard Rock Cafe would be a good place to host an event or party. Of course because it's Prague, weddings sprung to mind. Prague is one of the world's top destinations to get hitched and it seemed to me that the Hard Rock Cafe would be the perfect spot. I did a little online search and it turns out the folks at the Hard Rock had the same idea. They have a whole web page devoted to the notion, click here to find out more.

As I mentioned there are various floors and rooms in the building, all with their own unique charm and able to seat 60 to 100 people but if you had a big wedding in mind the entire restaurant seats up to 440 people. There are beverage and meal packages including a buffet option and a traditional Czech wedding menu. The Hard Rock Cafe, Prague can handle every stage of the nuptials from the bachelorette party to the rehearsal dinner to the reception. They'll even help you get registered.

   If you live in Prague or are just passing through, I highly recommend a visit to the Hard Rock Cafe. It doesn't have to be a special occasion but it just might turn into one.

Steve Meyers
  Hard Rock Cafe PrahaHard Rock Cafe Prague
Malé náměstí 3, Prague 1

Opening hours:
RESTAURANT: Daily 11:30-24:00
BAR: Su-Th 11:30-1:00, Fr-Sa 11:30-2:00
ROCKSHOP: Daily  9:00-24:00

TEL.: +420 224 229 529

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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