Cocktails, dancing girls and great balls of fire.

A quick glance at the Coyotes Prague web site, / tells you much of what you need to know about the place.

Over 100 cocktails, (I was told 170), beautiful girls dancing on the bar, a great menu, beautiful girls dancing on the bar, it's located right in the center of Prague and every hour there are beautiful girls dancing on the bar.

Coyotes Prague bar
What more is there to know? I took a walk down to old town to find out.

Coyotes Prague is nestled in a corner of Male namesti, (the little square just off the main old town square) so even if it's your first visit to Prague, you'll have no trouble finding it. In fact you'll probably walk by it five times in your first couple of days of sightseeing and souvenir shopping.

The party was in full swing when we arrived and the place was packed. Fortunately I had arranged to meet with the manager, Martina Cseri who was busy managing the staff, dealing with the patrons and occasionally dancing on the bar but she took some time to give me a little background on the place.

Coyotes Prague bar
We arrived just in time for the first show of the evening. Four young women who had just moments before been pouring drinks and carrying trays, were now atop the bar doing synchronized dance moves to a Shania Twain song. The crowd of mostly young men cheered and whooped their approval. When the song ended the women climbed down from the bar, (no easy feat in itself) and went back to expertly dispensing alcohol.

As the noise in the room subsided to a dull roar, I was able to sit with Martina again and learn a little more about Coyotes Prague. She told me the staff consists of about 25 women. They start out as waitresses or day time staff and must work their way up to night bar tender. Once they reach the position of night bar tender they have to learn the dance routines as well as taking lessons in "flare". Flare is that fancy bottle spinning stuff they do when they make drinks, (think Tom Cruise and Bryan Brown in Cocktail).

There are still a few stag party groups roaming Prague's streets and many will invariably end up here. It's the perfect venue for a bachelor party in Prague.

At one point in the evening a young man was summoned to the bar. He was encouraged by the staff to climb up and kneel on the bar while a bartender stood over him, pouring some cocktail concoction down his throat from a bottle. He must have been part of a stag group because he was wearing a dress. The dress was cute but it did nothing for his globe-ish frame and frankly it was a little too short and low cut to be appropriate for such a cool spring evening.

Coyotes Prague bar
This sort of thing went on for hours. Beautiful bartenders dancing on the bar and pouring cocktails down patron's throats while the music pumped and the crowd cheered. It seemed it would go on all night but I certainly wouldn't. We had a baby sitter waiting for us at home and it was after midnight so I sought out Martina to thank her and say good bye. "You can't leave" she said, "You have to stay for the fire show." So I ordered another beer. Who leaves before a fire show?

There's a lot of fire in the fire show, as you might imagine. Flaming shots, flaming bottles and giant balls of fire expelled from the mouths of tiny bartenders. The heat was intense from where I was sitting I can't imagine what it must have been like for the performers. I don't know how they train for spitting fire but I think you would either get good at it right away or you'd get good at drawing your eyebrows back on.

As the fire show ended to the most thunderous applause of the evening. I snuffed out my smouldering tie, we bid our adieus and found our way to the exit. Though still bustling well after midnight, Old Town Square seemed peaceful and sleepy compared what was going on inside Coyotes Prague and there was no indication that the action inside Coyotes Prague was winding down any time soon. I left convinced that a mere three hours was not long enough to truly experience everything Coyotes Prague has to offer. I never even sampled their wonderful menu. "I'll go back", I thought, "maybe tomorrow." The breakfast menu looked fantastic.

Steve Meyers

  Coyotes Prague bar Coyotes Prague
Malé náměstí 143/2, Prague 1

Opening hours:
October - April 6 p.m. - 4 a.m.
May - September 12 p.m. to 4 a.m.

TEL.: +420 224 216 000

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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