The Hard Rock Cafe Prague is located in Malé náměstí, that tiny square just off  Prague`s world famous Old Town square. The exterior fits in nicely with the quaint old world beauty of the little square. The interior has been completely renovated with a sleek, modern feel but they`ve managed to maintain much of the space`s old charm and character.

    The thing about the Hard Rock Cafe is, it`s more than a restaurant, it`s a museum of rock and roll memorabilia. I`ve been to a few Hard Rock Cafes in different cities and I find that no matter how jaded or unimpressed you intend to be, something will peak your interest. You`ll look up and see a Les Paul mounted behind plexi glass that was once held by Chuck Berry or Joan Jett or whoever rocked your teenage years, and then they have you. On the way to your table, your eyes dart from Paul Stanley`s guitar to Marylin Manson's jacket, to Velvet Revolver's drum kit. Once you're seated, (perhaps under a pair of boots worn by Michael Mckeon in Spinal Tap), it's difficult to focus on your menu because you find yourself scaring the room from your new vantage point. Every trip to the washroom is a treasure hunt for rock and roll artefacts; a vest worn by Ozzy Osbourne in the eighties, a drawing by Jimy Hendrix from the sixties and so many guitars.

   At some point hunger begins to win out over curiosity and your attention will be drawn back to the menu. As an expat living in Prague I miss food. Don't get me wrong, I eat well here and I've think I've adapted well to Czech food and eating habits but after eight years in Prague, a good burger is a luxury. The whole North American menu is a treat. The Hard Rock Cafe Prague has a great selection of appetizers from classic nachos to bruschetta  and everything in-between like wings, potato skins and dips. The main courses are big hardy portions of salmon, steak, chicken and shrimp that taste like home. They have ribs, barbecued chicken, fajitas and of course, burgers. I tried a new appetizer that they had that night, a kind of flat bread pizza. It was delicious. For the main course I went with the classic club sandwich. Not the most glamorous item on the menu, I know but it's downright exotic in the restaurants I normally frequent here in Prague. The classic club did not disappoint. After over indulging on the appetizer and conquering that giant sandwich perused the desert menu simply out of curiosity. As tempting a selection as it was, there was no room in me for even a wafer thin mint.

    The Hard Rock Cafe, Prague had an extensive cocktail menu and in my younger days i would have been tempted to sample one or six but on this evening, I went with beer. Beer is generally good in the Czech Republic and never a bad choice when deciding on a beverage in any restaurant in Prague. The moment I took the first sip, I could tell it was from a tank. For those of you unfamiliar with "tank beer" or "tankovna" it is basically unpasteurized. The beer you buy from a bottle or keg has to be heated to about 60 degrees for 20 to 35 minutes which diminishes the taste. Tankovna beer is not pasteurized, the temperature is controlled from brewery to truck to the bar's tank and the taste is outstanding.

    As good as the food and the beer is, (and they're very good), it's the service that sets The Hard Rock Cafe apart from most restaurants in the city. Let's face it, Prague is not known for good service. It gets better all the time and there have always been restaurants that cater mostly to tourists and make great efforts to provide good service but The Hard Rock has them beat. From the first interaction with the reservations desk the staff were friendly, courteous and helpful. Always making us feel genuinely welcome and appreciated.

   The evening we were there the music was provided by local favourite, Justin Lavash. Justin's soulful acoustic blues fit the feel of the place and the sound was great, especially considering the size of the venue.

    While working on my third beer and digesting my giant sandwich it occurred to me that because of its large size and many levels, the Hard Rock Cafe would be a good place to host an event or party. Of course because it's Prague, weddings sprung to mind. Prague is one of the world's top destinations to get hitched and it seemed to me that the Hard Rock Cafe would be the perfect spot. I did a little online search and it turns out the folks at the Hard Rock had the same idea. They have a whole web page devoted to the notion, click here to find out more.

As I mentioned there are various floors and rooms in the building, all with their own unique charm and able to seat 60 to 100 people but if you had a big wedding in mind the entire restaurant seats up to 440 people. There are beverage and meal packages including a buffet option and a traditional Czech wedding menu. The Hard Rock Cafe, Prague can handle every stage of the nuptials from the bachelorette party to the rehearsal dinner to the reception. They'll even help you get registered.

   If you live in Prague or are just passing through, I highly recommend a visit to the Hard Rock Cafe. It doesn't have to be a special occasion but it just might turn into one.

Steve Meyers
  Hard Rock Cafe PrahaHard Rock Cafe Prague
Malé náměstí 3, Prague 1

Opening hours:
RESTAURANT: Daily 11:30-24:00
BAR: Su-Th 11:30-1:00, Fr-Sa 11:30-2:00
ROCKSHOP: Daily  9:00-24:00

TEL.: +420 224 229 529

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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