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The Žižkov Television Tower is the tallest structure in Prague and one of the city’s most striking landmarks. It is admired by many, but spurned by others. The Žižkov Television Tower is the work of architect Václav Aulický and the team of workers Spojprojekt Praha, as well as one of our most distinguished design engineers, Dr Jiří Kozák. The foundation stone was laid in late October 1985, and on 24 November of the same year, construction began. Testing began in March 1991, and from 3 May 1991, the transmitter switched to standard operations.

In the year 2000, the now characteristic babies became a part of the tower. These 10 enormous toddlers climbing up and down the tower were initially only a temporary feature of the Žižkov Television Tower. Such was their popularity, however, that a year later they were installed on the tower permanently. The fibreglass sculptures called Miminka (Babies) are 3.5 metres (11 ft 6 in) long, 2.6 metres (8 ft 6 in) wide, and weigh approximately 150 kg (331 lb). The babies are the work of internationally recognised Czech artist David Černý, who is known for his provocative and controversial artwork.

Since 2006, the tower has been illuminated in colours in the night-time hours, most frequently in the colours of the Czech national tricolour – red, blue and white. The colours were first displayed for the occasion of the 125th anniversary of Žižkov’s elevation to town status and the 15th anniversary of the commencement of the transmitter’s operations.

Between 2011 and 2012, the tower’s interior underwent complete reconstruction work. A team of acknowledged Czech architects and artists were given the task of designing new spaces and creating an interactive environment. Thanks to their efforts, the interiors have a very unusual design and style. Tower Park Praha is responsible for their maintenance. June 2013 saw the opening of garden restaurant Miminoo located right at the foot of the tower in Mahler Park, where you can also find an 18-hole miniature golf course, a picnic lawn, and an ice rink in the winter months.
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At present, the lowermost cabin, located at a height of 66 metres (217 feet), contains a panoramic restaurant. The same cabin houses the atypical One Room Hotel, just above the restaurant. You will find it at a height of 70 metres (230 feet). The next cabin is found at a height of 93 metres (305 feet). This is where you are now standing. It serves as an observatory. When visibility is good, you can see as far as 100 kilometres (62 miles). The tower’s total height is 216 metres (709 feet), which currently makes it not only the tallest structure in Prague, but also the structure with the highest placed viewing platform in the Czech Republic.

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