Swimming pools in Prague

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Swimming pools in Prague

Swimming pools in Prague
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Swimming pool Výstaviště Prague

 Praha 7
Are you looking for a covered swimming pool to swim in regularly? Stop by Výstaviště (Exhibition Grounds), where you can easily find a place to park or you can arrive on foot from the Výstaviště Holešovice tram stop. The twenty-five-metre pool can pl More Info

R centrum Homolka

 Praha 5
The centre includes a 25 meter long swimming pool, a fitness and wellness centre and a sauna. The pool is also available for aqua aerobic, fitness, zumba or swimming classes. More Info

Spa Axa

 Praha 1
Axa spa, located in the very city centre, consists of a 25 meter long swimming pool, a sun, steam and massage room, a Finnish sauna only for women and a same-sex sauna. More Info

Sport centre YMCA

 Praha 1
Sport centre Ymca is conveniently located in the very centre of the city, 50 meters from the metro station. More Info

Fitness Station Radlice

 Praha 5
Fitness station Radlice centre consists of a 25 meters long indoor swimming pool, a small outdoor swimming pool (13 x 7), a cryogenic chamber, a sauna, a gym and a wellness centre, a solarium, a large garden for sunbathing and a children playground. More Info

Summer swimming pool AV Čakovice

2 swimming pools (an adult pool and a children pool with toboggan) operate only in summer. Retirees will appreciate benches under trees, away from sunshine, and families will appreciate a big paddling pool. More Info

Swimming pool Klánovice

 Praha 9
Located in a quiet district of Klánovice, the swimming area features 2 swimming pools (25 x 10 and 15 x 10), 2 trampolines, a children playground, a refreshment kiosk, a table tennis area and plenty of green space for sunbathing. More Info

Sport area Pražačka

 Praha 3
A popular sport area Pražačka is an ideal place for couples, families and sport enthusiast. More Info

Swimming pool na Stírce

 Praha 8
Koupaliště Stírka is located only 240 meters form the metro stop “Kobylisy” (red line C), in a quiet zone of Prague 8. More Info

Swimming pool Slavia Praha

 Praha 10
Water sport centre Slavia Praha includes an indoor pool (25 x 12), a 50 meter long outdoor pool, and an outdoor and indoor paddling pools for children. More Info

Swimming pool Petynka

 Praha 6
Petynka complex is very popular with both children and adults because of numerous entertainment and sporting possibilities. More Info

Swimming pool Podolí

 Praha 4
Swimming pool Podolí is a popular choice for locals and professionals because of its convenient location, large array of services, beautiful nature and view. More Info

Divoká Šářka

 Praha 6
A popular sport area Pražačka is an ideal place for couples, families and sport enthusiast. More Info