Outdoor and indoor pools in Prague

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Outdoor and indoor pools

Outdoor and indoor pools in Prague
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Fitness Station Radlice

 Praha 5
Fitness station Radlice centre consists of a 25 meters long indoor swimming pool, a small outdoor swimming pool (13 x 7), a cryogenic chamber, a sauna, a gym and a wellness centre, a solarium, a large garden for sunbathing and a children playground. More Info

Sport area Pražačka

 Praha 3
A popular sport area Pražačka is an ideal place for couples, families and sport enthusiast. More Info

Swimming pool Slavia Praha

 Praha 10
Water sport centre Slavia Praha includes an indoor pool (25 x 12), a 50 meter long outdoor pool, and an outdoor and indoor paddling pools for children. More Info

Swimming pool Podolí

 Praha 4
Swimming pool Podolí is a popular choice for locals and professionals because of its convenient location, large array of services, beautiful nature and view. More Info