Prague Metro

Prague metro is fast, efficient, well-organised and relatively cheap.

It operates from 5.00 – 24.00 in 2 – 4 minutes intervals during the rush hour periods and 4 – 10 minutes during the off-peak hours. On Friday and Saturday the metro services are available from 5.00 a.m. – 1.00 a.m.

Prague Trams

Prague tram network covers the whole city and all major monuments (tram no.22). It operates nearly non-stop, from 4.30 a.m. till 24.00 in 3 -10 minutes intervals, from 24.30 till 4.30 in 30 minutes intervals (night trams no. 51 – 59). The tram schedule is posted at each tram stop and the passengers are obligated to stamp the ticket on board.

Petřín Funicular

Petřín funicular is an attraction popular with both tourists and locals because it offers stunning views of Prague and fast connection between the city centre and Petřín (Lookout Tower, Petřín gardens, Maze – hall of mirrors).

Prague Bus Transport

The bus lines operate non-stop in 2 – 8 minute intervals during the day (buses no. 100 – 291) and in 30 – 60 minute intervals during the night (buses no.502 – 514, 601 – 603), mostly in suburbs and outskirts.

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SMS Ticket Prague

The Prague Public Transport Company gives their clients the option of purchasing the ticket by SMS.

The procedure is very easy.


There are 4 basic ticket types, which are valid in metro, trams, buses (100 – 299, 501 – 599), Petřín funicular, ferries and some railway connections.

Railway Transportation

Travelling by rail in the Czech republic is fast, reliable, safe and relatively cheap. Most cities and towns are connected by train. Is it recommended to take train to some popular destinations within the Czech republic, such Karlovy Vary, Český Krumlov or Kurná Hora.

Prague Transport: the Prague public transport services, including metro, tram, bus and funicular, are extremely efficient, convenient, and comfortable. This category provides comprehensive information on the city transportation, including fares, travel and security tips, online public transport journey planner, sightseeing tours and useful links. The metro is usually the fastest  way to get you in the city centre or outside. The tram network operates nearly non-stop and covers the whole city and all major monuments. The bus network covers outlying areas or areas, which are not served by the metro system. Find the list of airline companies flying to Prague, low-cost air companies or online list of arrival and departures to and from the Prague airport. Get information about the airport transportation options, such as shuttles, buses, taxis.