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Since we are a family with kid, we try to visit clean, non-smoking places with high quality food and a children area. When we entered the place, I felt like I was in a dream and not in the reality of the Czech republic. Right after we entered, a pleasant lady welcomed us and seated us.

The restaurant boasts a save, spacious and well-equipped play area for children. On weekends there is a professional baby sitter, who provides an expert child supervision services. She took care of our child and we had a tranquil lunch without usual noise and hassle.

The menu offers some interesting options, mostly from Czech cuisine. Luckily it is not too complicated and extensive. We ordered two soups, two salads, two main dishes, a dessert, a coffee, two big beers, a home-made lemonade and the bill was less than 20 euro! My Italian husband could not believe his eyes.

All dishes were good, fresh and well-balanced. What I really liked was that the portions hadn´t been huge like in most Czech restaurants. The wait staff was quick and efficient. Like in most places of this type, wait staff is really busy and one cannot expect them to spend much time at one´s table. Yet, if they spent more time with customers, the sales would be higher. There simply have no time to sell..

Our kid did not want to leave the children area even when the waiter brought a free gift for kids – a home-made ice-cream..
I must say that this restaurant is one of the best family-friendly restaurants in Prague. What is more, it offers a great value for money.


  Vinohradský Parlament
Korunní 1, Praha 2 – Vinohrady

Opening hours:
Monday - Wednesday 10.45 - 24.00, Thursday - Friday 10.45 - 01.00, Saturday 11.30 - 01.00, Sunday 11.30 - 23.30

TEL.: +420 224 250 403

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Web: www.vinohradskyparlament.cz

Potrefena husa is a very popular restaurant chain in the Czech republic. Actually, a lot of Prague locals recommend this chain to tourists and foreigners, who want to try a Czech food. It is renowned for its great beer “Staropramen” and high quality traditional food.

In my opinion, Potrefená husa Albertov is one step ahead in comparison with its competitors. Every detail is well thought out and appealing. Spread over two floors, restaurant offers both non-smoking and smoking areas and a large garden space in summer. The ground floor is very children-friendly: non-smoking with a clean and well-equipped play area, high chairs and kids menu and enough space for a pushchair. Changing facilities for little ones are located downstairs. The smoking area is in the basement.

We booked the first table near the kids area, which was very convenient. We could enjoy a calm lunch. We had a homemade lemonade and a glass of red wine. Drinks were good and reasonably priced.

I had a chicken soup from the daily menu. The broth was golden and rich with meat and vegetables. I found it really delicious.

My husband ordered a beef burger with homemade chips and sauce from the daily menu. He found it above average since it contained good quality meat. I had a fried “hermelín” cheese with baked potatoes and homemade sauce. It was really tasty. On different occasion I had Belgian-style chips wrapped in a traditional paper cone with excellent homemade sauces. I would recommend this dish to every French fries fans. It was great..

For dessert we had Baileys cake with vanilla cappuccino, coffee espresso and iced coffee. The dessert was elegant, delicious and not too heavy. Coffee was well-prepared and good quality. The service here is very friendly but a little slow. The bill was 555,- CZK, which was great value for our money.

I would highly recommend this restaurant to everybody: friendly service, great amenities for families with kids, good and fresh food and drinks.


  Potrefená husa Albertov
Na slupi 2102/2b, Praha 2

Opening hours:
Monday - Wednesday 11.00 - 24.00, Thursday - Saturday 11.00 - 1.00, Sunday 11.00 - 23.00

TEL.: +420 236 071 028

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Web: www.phalbertov.cz

REST. restaurant is located in Podolí, right below the Institute for the Care of Mother and Child.

When you enter the restaurant, there is a modern open kitchen and fresh fish displayed on the bed of ice. The interior is beautiful, light, clean and cosy. A fireplace in the middle of the restaurant creates an appealing home atmosphere. The whole place is non-smoking and there is a small kid´s area with books, pencils, block sets, one small chair and some plush toys.

We waited about ten minutes for the waiter but it was ok since there were many interesting items in the menu and we all found it difficult to decide. The menu featured great food options from international cuisine.
The waiter was pleasant, helpful and a very good salesman.

For starter we ordered vittelo tonnato, a pumpkin soup and a beef soup. The beef soup had strong beef flavour and a good amount of noodles, vegetables and meat. The pumpkin soup was made from traditional ingredients and was very tasty. Unfortunately, vitello tonnato lacked key ingredient – tuna fish. There was a shortage of sauce and the sauce contained hardly any tuna fish or tuna flavour.

For the main dish, we had risotto alla seppia nera with calamari, tagliatelle with sun dried tomatoes, spinach leaves an chicken meat and lamb with potatoes. I found the risotto dish superior, high quality ingredients were mixed together perfectly. Tagliatelle were very nice. Even though pasta was a bit overcooked for my taste, the combination of sun dried potatoes, meat and spinach leaves was great. Our companion was not completely satisfied with the lamb dish because he found it too dry. In the end, it turned out that they forgot to bring him a sauce. We were all satisfied with food portion sizes, they were neither too big nor too small.

We were to full to order a dessert. We only had a coffee, which was really good.

Overall I would recommend the restaurant. I plan to go back and try some fish. They obviously have a knack of preparing it. The airy light interior, unique location near the river and cosy atmosphere have a special charm.


Podolské nábřeží 34/6, Praha 4 - Podolí

Opening hours:
Friday - Saturday 11.00 - 24.00, Monday - Thursday, Sunday 11.00 - 23.00

TEL.: +420 273 130 230

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Web: www.restrest.cz

Pizza Colloseum is a popular Czech restaurant chain with many branches around Prague. We decided to try the Legerova branch, which was often considered to be the finest one. A smoking section is situated in the ground floor and boasts a very clean, stylish and contemporary design. In comparison with the modern interior of the ground floor, a non-smoking basement section is really rustic. For no reason I could understand, non-smokers were again „punished“ with the ground floor, where you could actually smell the cigarette smoke from upstairs. The basement section features a kid area with a table, chairs, some plush animals and a TV screen.

When we were ordering drinks, my mother asked for 0,1 of red wine. The waitress snapped at her that they only sold 0,15 of red wine (59 CZK) . She talked to us in a harsh and angry tone for the rest of the time. She was so inflexible that every our request seemed problem. Then we had a home-made ice tea with fresh mint and strawberries (59 CZK) and a big bottle of sparkling water (89 CZK).

At the beginning they brought a bread with butter. The bread was very tasty but the butter was very cold and tasteless. The chicken broth was good, nicely served in big plate, so as to make the small portion seem big. The unpleasant surprise came with kids chicken broth, which was identical to my chicken broth. I found it very salty for small kids and returned it. The waitress informed me that it was just as salty as my chicken broth because it was exactly the same soup, only a smaller portion (similar price though). I left it without any comment.

Then we had Gnocchi di patate della Nonna (150 CZK) and Strizzapreti Prada (165 CZK). I found the pasta dish excellent and complete. I would definitely order it again on my next visit. Gnocchi were good but as my Italian companion remarked, the dish lacked something.

My Italian companion had Pizza Napoletana (155 CZK) e Polpo alla Siciliana con rucola (235 CZK). The pizza was good but a bit dry. The Octopus salad should be called a “potato salad” because there was hardly any octopus in it. In any case, it was a tasty and nicely-flavoured potato salad for 235,- CZK. I would not recommend this dish because it lacked a key ingredient – a fresh octopus.

At the end we had an excellent Italian coffee. It was just perfect - great quality coffee from a well-maintained coffee machine.

The total bill was about 1.100,- CZK. I will definitely return to a Coloseum restaurant, but there are a lot of branch.


  Pizza Coloseum Legerova
Legerova 802/64 120 00 Praha 2

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday  09.30 - 23.30, Saturday - Sunday 11.00 - 23.30

TEL.: +420 222 543 519

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Web: www.pizzacoloseum.cz

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