Prague is considered to be a safe city and the cases of violent crime against tourists are extremely rare. However, the property crime is as frequent as in all big cities. So you should be aware of pickpockets and take following preventive measures to protect your possession and documents:

- Leave your valuables, passport, and big amount of cash money in the hotel safe. Bring with you only the copy of the passport or your identity card.

- Do not take out your wallet, money or cell. phone in a busy areas.

- Mind your handbag, wallet or camera in the historical centre of Prague (Old Town or Wenceslas square etc.) and in the crowded mass transportation vehicles.

- Always lock your car and do not leave anything on visible places.

At night you should be particularly careful on the Wenceslas Square, in the main railway station and the park surrounding the station. These areas are known for higher number of drug users, prostitutes and homeless people.