Held each year after the end of grape-picking season, Prague wine festivals are very popular and long-awaited events among locals and wine enthusiasts.

Wine Festival in PragueTraditional autumn festivities typically include concerts, shows, food stalls with regional specialties and tasting of young wine and partly fermented wine called “burčák”. Grape harvest festivals are very family-friendly as the programs boast various child-friendly activities, such as music, theatre performances, pony rides, thematic workshops and competitions.

The harvest celebrations usually occur in September and feature wine growers mainly from Southern Moravia, Central Bohemia and Prague. Numerous wine events goes on in Prague in September, for dates, programs, locations visit “What's on in Prague”.

Troja Wine Festival  takes place in the courtyard of the 17th-century Troja Chateau and on St. Claire Vineyard in the Prague Botanic Garden, which offers beautiful views of the city. Winery tours, regional foods, folk music, dance shows and wine tastings are available all weekend long. For a small fee visitors can witness the winemaking process in different stages and get insight into how grapes are transformed into wine.

GrebovkaWine Festival in Grebovka (Havlíčkovy sady) is probably the largest and most highly attended grape harvest festival in Prague. Grebovka or Havlíčkovy sady is a hidden gem of a park, with lush green areas, stalactite cave and enchanting vineyard with gazebo. Wine tasting, entertainment of all kinds, shows and bands performing pop, rock, jazz and folk songs on different music stages attract large crowds. Families with kids appreciate fun activities for kids. There is certain to be something for everyone!

Saint Wenceslas Wine Festival happens annually below Prague castle on the oldest vineyard in the Czech republic – Saint Wenceslas vineyard. It was established in the 10the century and, according to the legend,  Saint Wenceslas himself planted wine and harvested grapes in order to produce the sacramental wine. The location offers the most amazing views of Prague.

Castle GardenThe best Moravian and Bohemian wine-growers present their products after the annual harvest on the Wine festival of Prague Castle. There is wide selection of sparkling wine, Moravian young wine “burčák”, freshly pressed grape juice and traditional Czech and regional products. The festival usually features attractive cultural program including performances of folk ensembles, demonstrations of historical fencing or educational competitions for kids. The admission is free.

Kunratice or Vinohrady wine festivals on Jiřího z Poděbrad square are also worth visiting.

For the complete list of wine festivals (vinobraní) see our food and drink news.
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