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Square School is an international Czech-English primary school following the successful concept of Bambíno nursery and kindergarten.

Teaching foreign languages and developing skills in using a foreign language is one of the priorities of the school. Students have two lessons from the first grade as part of the compulsory classes in the curriculum. From the 4th year, students have extended English lessons in the form of one of the compulsory elective courses. The school also places a strong emphasis on the development of communication skills in English, so the compulsory teaching of English has been strengthened by the presence of a language assistant in other subjects.

Square has its own school curriculum, which aims to keep children internally motivated, to find their own ways, to learn from mistakes, and to bring to life what they can use all their lives. In all years, the method of integrated thematic teaching is used. The areas of the curriculum are interconnected into logical units so that they reflect the everyday reality of the world around us as naturally as possible.

The graduates will be able to combine theoretical and practical experience, they will be able to think critically so that they can present their opinions and ideas and they will be prepared for the current world of possibilities and challenges
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