Vinohradský Parlament

Since we are a family with kid, we try to visit clean, non-smoking places with high quality food and a children area. When we entered the place, I felt like I was in a dream and not in the reality of the Czech republic. Right after we entered, a pleasant lady welcomed us and seated us.

The restaurant boasts a save, spacious and well-equipped play area for children. On weekends there is a professional baby sitter, who provides an expert child supervision services. She took care of our child and we had a tranquil lunch without usual noise and hassle.

The menu offers some interesting options, mostly from Czech cuisine. Luckily it is not too complicated and extensive. We ordered two soups, two salads, two main dishes, a dessert, a coffee, two big beers, a home-made lemonade and the bill was less than 20 euro! My Italian husband could not believe his eyes.

All dishes were good, fresh and well-balanced. What I really liked was that the portions hadn´t been huge like in most Czech restaurants. The wait staff was quick and efficient. Like in most places of this type, wait staff is really busy and one cannot expect them to spend much time at one´s table. Yet, if they spent more time with customers, the sales would be higher. There simply have no time to sell..

Our kid did not want to leave the children area even when the waiter brought a free gift for kids – a home-made ice-cream... I must say that this restaurant is one of the best family-friendly restaurants in Prague. What is more, it offers a great value for money.


Vinohradský Parlament
Korunní 1, Praha 2  Vinohrady

Opening hours:
Monday - Wednesday 10.45 - 24.00, Thursday - Friday 10.45 - 01.00, Saturday 11.30 - 01.00, Sunday 11.30 - 23.30

TEL.: +420 224 250 403