Weekend trip ideas for Prague families

Prague is perfect for children and offers a lot of outdoor family-friendly activities and attractions. This article lists some exciting trips for kids and fun things to do with family in Prague. It suggests the best and the most popular family day trips but it also looks at some unique and captivating spots to visit. So what are the top ten places, which are favourites of locals and visitors alike? Here we go with Top Picks, in alphabetical order.

Boat trips on the Vltava river

These are very popular spots, which can be reached by tram, metro or car, and your children will definitely enjoy them. If you stay in Prague long term, check out some of my favourite lesser-known places for children.

If you look for a unique experience with your children, you could take a ferry boat P5 (Kotevní – Císařská louka – Výtoň), which usually operates from April to October. The ferry boat stop “Výtoň”  is located close to the railway bridge. A standard ticket for Prague public transport for about 1 euro is needed and prams and bikes are transported free of charge. Apart from breathtaking views of the Vyšehrad fortress and the Prague castle you can observe ships and other watercraft pass by. If you get off the ferry boat at Císařská louka island and walk about 500 meters, you will reach Fun island – a popular sport and recreation center. The area features a child-friendly restaurant, a rope park, a golf center, playing fields and a children´s playground with a slide, sandpit and a climbing frame. The whole play area is safe and securely fenced.

If you are searching for the new places to go with kids for a half-day trip on the weekend, Milíčov forest (Milíčovský les) with a mini zoo and a playground is perfect option. It is situated on the margin of the Southern town and can be easily reached from the metro stop “Háje”. The mini zoo includes horses, pigs, sheep, geese, goats, hens and other animals. Milíčov forest with its nice ponds is also a wonderful place to take a walk, relax, sunbathe or have a picnic lunch. There are plenty of wild ducks and swans to feed and  a pleasant wooden playground with little train, a seesaw and several play elements.

Divoká Šárka, a nature reserve and an area of outstanding natural beauty, is situated in Prague 6 and is easily accessible by public transport (trams stop “Divoká Šárka”, no. 20 and 26) and by car (parking lot near McDonald´s). Away from the hustle and bustle, it offers oasis of tranquillity and peace and an amazing scenery. A romantic rocky valley, a large forest area, a natural reservoir “Džbán” and a public swimming pool make it a popular spot for families of all ages. The swimming pool area features a small paddling pool, 2 big pools, several ping pong tables, a play set for children with a sandpit, swings and trampoline. The water of the pool is clean and fresh because it is comes from the Šárka spring creek that passes through the valley. One of the largest parks in Prague is sure to impress children and adults alike.

An ideal destination for a quick weekend getaway within Prague is Hostivař park with forest and a reservoir. The area of reservoir includes a large amount of green space, sandy and grassy beaches, a restaurant, a bar, tennis courts, a playground, a jumping castle or a boat rental.  The forest and park feature paths, benches and a lot of play elements for children. There is a gamekeeper´s lodge with a mini zoo in the western part of the park, where children can see moufflons, Cameroon goats, pheasants and ducks. Close to the Hostivař pond, in Petrovice, there is a fantastic child-friendly restaurant “Letem světem”. It offers clean and non-smoking environment,a  beautiful terrace, an indoor play area with a lot of toys and nappy changing facilities. Food is exceptional  and always fresh.

Kunratický les (Kunraticky forest), Prokopské and Dalejské valley or medieval village Řepora are other popular family weekend trips in Prague. You can read about these places in my previous articles.

If you have tips for family weekend getaways, feel free to share your ideas and experiences with our readers!