The best small zoos in Prague

Do your children love animals? From hand-feeding the sheep to riding a pony to petting a baby goat, these are the best petting zoos in Prague. Check out the local spots below to discover the fun family attractions and places to visit near you. Prague Zoo is not included in our list as it is not small, but it's worth a mention. Yet, it is the fourth best zoo in the world and the most visited tourist destination in the Czech Republic.

There is a lot more to forest or petting zoos than a place where people go to see a mix of domesticated animals and some wild species in an urban environment. They give visitors an insight into different types of farming and working practices. They provide new experiences and create magical memories for the whole family!  

Minizoo Milicovsky dvur, K Milíčovu 100/8, Prague 11

Located on the woodland edge of the Milicovsky forest, this fantastic outdoor facility is home to an ostrich, a steppe mara, a fox, a horse, pheasants, cows, ducks, geese, goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits and other pets. The small zoo also gives the opportunity to pet and feed farm animals with the food from feed dispensers. Most goats and sheep graze spacious pastures surrounding the farm. There is a sandpit with toys and a food stand that serves hot dogs, chips, sandwiches, hot and cold beverages. Enjoy lots of outdoor fun and adventure for less than 1 EURO (20 CZK is the entrance fee)! Monday is closed. An educational trail Miličov through the forest, several ponds and beautiful wooden playground near the farm make the area the best place for a day out with kids in Prague. Milicovsky dvůr can be reached by subway (Háje), by bus (Milíčov) or by car. 2035774800011674

Small zoo at Chuchle Grove, V Lázních 8, Prague 5

The zoo is nestled on the hill above Chuchle, in the beautiful area of a large forest complex called Nature Park Chuchle Grove. The small zoo run by "Forests of the Capital City of Prague" is a place to care for orphaned and injured wildlife in Prague. You will get a chance to see forest animals, such as mouflons, deers, does, fallow deers, wild pigs,raccoons, lynxes, ravens, owls, buzzards, pheasants, polecats and many others. Visitors are not allowed to feed or pet animals as the goal is to teach people about forest animals of the Czech republic and environmental conservation. They also have a refreshments kiosk with a sitting area as well as a wooden children's playground with a sandpit, a seesaw and other play elements. Visit this small zoo where rescued animals get a second chance! Open 24/7 and free of charge.

The Station of Young Biologists, Drtinova 1A, Prague 5

This indoor and outdoor facility offers little ones the chance to take part in a wide array of educational and fun activities, interactive animal shows, workshops, lectures, as well as visit and pet the animals. Explore a tropical terrarium, a home to crocodiles, monitor lizards, little monkeys, boa constrictors and anacondas or an aviary with numerous bird species. The outdoor runs include kangaroos, ponies,  goats, pigs or llamas. They also have a nice playground, a small pond, a refreshment stand, toilets and a garden gazebo. The entrance to the zoo is free but there is a symbolic entrance fee to the tropical terrarium and to the greenhouses (20 or 40 CZK). It is located on the hill above the Kartouzska health center close to the Andel metro station and Sacré Coeur park. Feedings are not usually available.

Toulcův dvůr, Kubatova 1/32, Prague 10

Located in the Hostivař area in Prague 10, this 8,5 hectare Environmental Family Center has a lot of friendly farm animals that the children will love to meet. The cows, horses, chickens, geese, pigs, rabbits, sheep, goats are well taken care of and the whole site is clean and well maintained. Visitors are not allowed to feed, hold or pet the animals. Your family can enjoy a play area, a beautiful cherry orchard, meadows or a wetland with a bottomland forest and a restaurant focused on serving healthy food prepared from the local raw materials.

There are more places around town where you can take the children to see animals. They are too small to be called "the best zoos in Prague", yet, children can enjoy there a lot of animal fun and outdoor adventure.

Wild Garden Hostivař, K Obecním Hájovnám 275/1, Prague 15

The 5000 ㎡ outdoor facility is located on the edge of the Forest Park Hostivař, between the the gamekeeper's lodge and the flooded quarry. You can see a herd of rare white fallow deer or a pair of mouflons. The flooded quarry is home to wild and muscovy ducks, swans and wild geese. Open 24 hours a week, the entrance is free. There is an amazing walk through the woods of the Forest Park Hostivař. With a beautiful wooden playground, open meadows for picnic, a Hostivař reservoir, it is the perfect spot to enjoy a family time together and connect with nature.

Animals at Kunratice Forest
, Zelená louka 451/1, Prague 4

Kunratice Forest is the attractive, large and lush oasis of calm perfect for recreation, relaxation and sports activities. There are numerous walking and cycling trails, playgrounds for children, benches and restaurants. In the outdoor area of the restaurant "Na tý louce zelený" children can see and feed sheep, dwarf goats and little pigs. If you follow a yellow tourist sign and walk along the Kuntraticky stream, you will arrive at a gamekeeper's lodge where you can admire spotted deer. If you are lucky, you might spot a herd of mouflons that can move freely across the forest.

Animals at Kamyk Forest, Šatrova, Prague 12

Kamýk "zoo corner" is located in the eastern part of Kamyk Forest next to the gamekeeper's lodge. They have an enclosure for Cameroon and Walisser goats and a pheasant aviary. Tall ancient trees, a winding stream, walking and cycling trails or a beautiful wooden playground make the forest a perfect place for families to enjoy relaxation or sport activities.